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Funniest Cat Memes Of All Time

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:52 pm

1.Loaf cat

Everybody knows that cats love the heat, so do find one in this location is actually not as strange as you think. OK it does look like a loaf and you will have cat hair all over the bread now, but it is a cool picture that captures something that they will do all day everyday, get warm that is and not pretend to be a loaf.

2.The reader

You can just imagine the cat actually saying this to the garden ornament and it does genuinely look interested in what would be on the page if it actually was a book. This is just one of those photographs where it was really down to luck that the moment was captured, but what a photograph it is.

3.Cat clothes

The look of surprise on the face of this cat really does help to make the photograph. It is also due to the fact that you expect a cat to leave some evidence of itself wherever it can, so if that is your clothes, then so be it. Cat lovers around the world will know exactly what this is like.

4.The protector

This cat really does look as if it is protecting the other one and trying to stop it from some horrible fate that awaits it. He clearly cares for his friend and does not want him to sacrifice himself for the greater good, so is holding him back to allow them to continue to get up to mischief for a long time to come.

5.Cat licking

This is yet another one that will undoubtedly ring true with people that own a cat because we all know they love to preen themselves, but they do insist on doing it in front of visitors. They simply do not care about the show they are putting on or the way they do push their butt in the faces of people.


This cat really does not look impressed, but then you would not look impressed if a thermometer was put in that orifice either. It also looks scared to move, so maybe it is still in there and is worried about it being lodged even further inside?

7.The eyes

This photograph is all about the eyes. Oh and it is also all about the way the other cat is positioned in a kind of "help me" pose as it is being bullied or whatever is going on by the cat on top. The eyes are actually quite scary the longer you look at them.


8.4am call

How often has this happened when you own a cat? For some reason they think that they have the divine right to wake you whenever they want and it does always seem to happen around 4am. It's ok for them as they can sleep during the day, but they forget that with their selfish act.

9.Litter tray

The part that is so good about this one is the fact that you do wonder what cats think about their litter tray when they do see that it has been cleaned out. Surely they must get confused, or perhaps they believe that they have finally got us trained the way they want us to be?


10.Invisible Bike

This meme really does say it all when it comes to this photograph. It is the fact that all of its four limbs are in the perfect position for a bike that makes it funny. The timing of this picture has to be a complete and utter fluke, or maybe it actually is riding an invisible bike and the joke is on us.

11.Art cat

Any cat owner will probably love this meme as kittens do have this tendency to go a bit crazy with things like this and you just know that they love making a mess. How many times will an owner have walked into a room and come across a scene of absolute destruction caused by art cat?

12.Cat porn

Ok this does appear to include some cat porn and there is a kind of "caught in the act" look about the two of them although you get the feeling that it would not make them stop and they would merely carry on. There is part of you that does think the ginger cat will feel all proud at having been caught in the act though.

13.The guinea pig

This meme is so cool as the cat is trying to look innocent when you know it is desperate to do something to the guinea pig. You can also tell that the guinea pig is just completely calm about the situation or it is at least trying to portray that image in order not to spook the cat. You do wonder how different a photograph it would have been if they took it one minute later.

14.Cat spy

If you have a neighbor that owns a cat, then you will be able to understand this meme better than anybody else. The idea of a cat waiting to spring this particular surprise really does strike a chord although you would not say it was a nice present to have sitting waiting on you the next time you venture out.

15.Cats nuts

The face on this cat does really fit in nicely with the meme as you can just imagine it actually saying that to its owner. The cat looks confused at the idea of somebody loving it after having been put through that operation, but at least it appears to be holding a grudge.


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