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Funniest Receipts Of All Time

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 5:49 pm

1.A virgin?

Well Outback steakhouse will have probably now become a lot more popular thanks to it having a virgin for sale. Even the computer that produces the till receipt cannot believe it and at 2.99 it seems like an absolute bargain that you just cannot miss out on.

2.Must be a slim one

At least you know that this person is watching their figure and do not want to go for the full fat cock and instead have gone for the slightly healthier option. It does also appear to be quite cheap when you stop and think about it, but do you still want it in a glass?

3.Tell Toys-R-Us

Toys-R-Us warn people about this kind of person on their receipts, but at least with this one you know where they are hanging around. Yes that does say what you think it does and yes it should really worry you that they are openly selling it as some kind of food.

4.Superhero sperm

Well surely this is something that everybody would want? Who could turn down the chance to try some sperm from a cool superhero? The chances are that you never even knew that it existed until now, but watch out for the rush down to the store to see if they have any in stock in your local area.

5.You got 3?

Is this like triple leukemia just in case the one does not suffice? The scariest part is that it does appear as if they are even completely free and surely that is something you want to avoid? Just what is going on at this cafe if they feel the need to give you some leukemia?

6.Scary warning

OK it is a toy shop, but surely putting a warning such as this on the receipt is going a bit overboard? How is that going to make a parent feel when they are buying something completely innocent in nature and having to then watch out for scary people that want to abuse children?

7.In a supermarket?

Well this is certainly something that you would not expect to be able to buy in a supermarket. It also appears to be rather cheap as well, but considering it is cancer it is not exactly a bargain even at that price, so perhaps they should just take it off the shelf?


8.A bit personal

Well I'm sorry Kroger, but there is just no need to announce the sexuality of the cashier to the world. Do other ones say they were fat, or your cashier was emotional, your cashier has one leg? It would probably brighten up the receipt if it did.


Well this can either mean that the person saving them is boasting about their appendage, or it means the person being served has impressed them in some way and they are giving them a bit of a compliment. However, it does worry you that it was appearing on your receipt because how would you feel if you had to take it back?


10.Walmart sells anything

Well we know that Walmart tries their best to sell everything that they possibly can, but surely there has to be a limit and Doe urine must be beyond that limit? It is just so strange to see it in there because who puts it on the shopping list when going for their groceries? Hello darling, remember the doe urine will you?

11.Only 0.89?

The worrying thing here is that they have bought an adult poncho and two outdoor cords before the sperm and it does make you think about the kind of day that they have planned. You also have to question why it is so cheap, so is that all they value that at??


12.What kind of turkey?

Well we know that if you are getting a good deal on something that it is worth shouting about, but do we have to shout in this way? It seems as if the store just cannot quite get over the savings that they are offering, so they feel the need to express their surprise in this particular way.


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