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Funniest Vines Videos

Monday, Jun 29, 2020, 12:59 pm

1.Iron granny

This is one of those vines where you know that you are not actually seeing a real granny, but it is still funny to watch and it allows your mind to play tricks on you. This video is very well done and it is just a shame you do not see her going on to celebrate her shot at the end.

2.Shake it!!

Well this guy knows how to play up to the tunes on his stereo, but the funniest part is the way that everything just looks normal and then suddenly the entire thing changes. It may be short, but it is certainly sweet and you may wish to look out for this guy as you drive around.


This is the kind of prank that most people dream of actually doing and you can understand the appeal of it when you watch this vine. The reaction is priceless and if it was you doing the prank you would end up being so proud of yourself after it.

4.Disco grandma

This is one of those vines where you sit a bit shocked and amused in equal measure. This granny is really getting her groove on in the background and what must be her grandson really does not know what to expect from his grandma shaking it in the back seat.

5.How to play it off

We have all done the first part, but very few of us have ever managed to turn it around in such a classy way as this guy. Sure you may struggle to match his moves, but it is still funny to watch and there has to be some admiration for his ability to act as if nothing is wrong.

6.Lion King

Apart from the fact that this is in a supermarket it just looks quite boring and stupid. However, look out for the end part because that is where they take it up to another level and you will realize that it is actually very funny indeed.

7.Leaving a room camp style

This vine shows you what is possible with just 6 seconds because it is clever and funny at the same time. Sure it is quite basic comedy, but it still works and will raise a smile and that is what you are looking for after all.


8.Face plant

Well this is what you get for trying to show off a bit too much. This woman really does get everything that is coming for her and you will understand exactly what is meant by that after you stop laughing at her vine and realize just what happened.

9.Kingsize wop

Well this kid is certainly more than capable of shaking it for all its worth and you just cannot help but laugh at his reaction. It is no wonder that he is now seen as being an Internet star and you will understand it yourself when you watch him.


10.White girls in a club

The reason why this vine is funny is because the guy gets the movements and reactions absolutely spot on. Now you will never be able to look at white girls in a club in the same light ever again.

11.A girl pitching

The girl pitching is not the funny part, but what is funny is the reaction at the end. It is very well done and it is the type of short video that is just absolutely perfect for a vine.


12.Curling iron error

Well this is a vine that was certainly never meant to be funny, but you just cannot help but laugh at how stupid this woman ends up being. She is so involved in her song that she forgets the curling tongs are not a mic, until she makes one bad move.


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