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Funny 'Meanwhile On Periods' Memes

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 7:34 pm


Men do not have menstrual cramps, even though they are spelled MEN-strual cramps. That pisses off women even more. That is when they growl and makes strange noises.

2.Real Men are True Soldiers

Also bare in mind that real men, yes, that is real men, satisfy a woman every day of the month, if she so wishes! Do you wish for that?


Perhaps you are getting the picture now? The real moral of the story is, you wait and wait for the moments when she turns into a kitten, bottom right.

4.Wise advice

The main thing to focus on when a girl is on or around her period is, 'do not, under any circumstances, piss her off' There! simple when you know how!


Women have many moods over the period cycle. Moods can be cyclical over the 14 days to every minute of the 14 days. With some mood swings changing every second of every minute.


Girls need to be a little more understanding to their men particularly if the door is closed whilst on a period. They do need to get relief from somewhere, else they might start looking this this wanker.

7.Avoid White

Sometimes periods can pop up at the strangest times, so near the time do not wear white. That includes wearing a white beach.


8.Puppy Tricks

Women on and around their period can be a little scary. Just be a cute puppy you will be sure to win their hearts.

9.Oh Boy!

Sneezing is so not cool when you are on your period. So, if you see a girl slip sliding around you know what happened. Just nod in sympathy and don't stare like a dumbass.


10.Sisters are Doing it for Themselves.

Just because a woman is on her period does not mean she does not fancy a bit of sex. So, ask yourself are you tough enough!

11.Bumpy Ride

Periods are a little bit of this and a little bit of that, perhaps over a space of a day, week or minute. From feeling like a dead beat zombie to wonder woman all in seconds.


12.Gather Round

Whether you are on your period or know someone who is about to have a period, this is the place for you! Just know that you are not alone.


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