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12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 12:51 pm

Facial hair is one of the few things that set apart men from women. As you know, every boy with adequate male hormones begins growing facial hair when he reaches his puberty. Some men have classic long beards, while others sport a trimmed beard or clean-shaven look. Most women like it when a man cleans-haves his face. Some girls prefer men with beards. There isn't a popular opinion about beards. Facial hair may look good or ugly based on how one sees it. Here are 12 funny beard memes that are sure to make you laugh.
1.Excuse Me, Miss, My Eyes Are Up Here!

With a beard as long as that, everyone notices it - not just beautiful girls! People look at long beards not because they look hot or something but because they appear weird and bit unusual. Dear men with long beards, sorry to disappoint you, but girls don't like it when your facial hair is abnormally long. Most girls like men with trimmed or neatly groomed facial hair. For them, you just look like a Viking, Vedic sage, or just a 70s hippie if you have a long beard like this man in the meme.

Excuse Me, Miss, My Eyes Are Up Here!-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

2.When You Grow A Beard To Grab Her Attention

It is true that beard makes an average or ugly man look attractive. Beard can be trimmed and shaped to alter the overall appearance of the face, and it is just a male variant of contour and makeup! It is also true that some men look ugly despite growing beard, just as said in this meme. In such cases, they need to work on something else than wasting their time on growing a beard. Building muscle, changing hairstyle, choosing trendy clothes, etc. perhaps may come in handy to make an unattractive guy look good and cool. Btw, Here are some more crying micheal jordan memes.

When You Grow A Beard To Grab Her Attention-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

3.Beards Lift Skirts!

No, they don't - says this research! If beards were capable of lifting skirts, we would lose all our girls to those bearded men living in the Middle East! This guy in the meme looks good with or without a beard. And a little bit of confidence can help him attract hot chicks. Now, try to remember the ugliest man you have ever seen. Imagine him with a very long beard. Do you find him hot? You are less likely to find him attractive! Follow your heart and look what you want yourself to look like, but don't fall for the long beard propaganda!

Beards Lift Skirts!-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

4.There's A Name For People Without Beards

Don't assume that we are against facial hair. We aren't. In fact, a lot of people including women are not against facial hair. They just don't like it when some men grow abnormally long hair. Abraham Lincoln had a neat beard. You can hardly see a hair follicle on the faces of most of the modern American Presidents. And no, not having a beard doesn't make them look feminine. To conclude, it is true that facial hair is a male thing, and every man has a right to grow a full beard, trim facial hair, or even shave it completely.

There's A Name For People Without Beards-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

5.I Don't Hit Women And Children!

Men with long beards do look aggressive and threatening, but remember, facial hair has nothing to do with a man's ability to whip another guy's ass! Those who lived dangerously and had gang members as friends know that it is not the men with long beards but the dudes with baldheads are the wrong ones to mess with! The shorter the hair on their head - the more dangerous they are to your personal safety!

I Don't Hit Women And Children! -12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

6.You Should Shave!

He seems to be a Sikh man who is religiously required to grow a long beard. As you know, religions like Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism preach their followers not to shave their beards. Men belonging to some sects of Christianity like Amish don't shave their facial hair either. If you know someone who grows a long beard because of religious reasons, never advise them to cut or trim their facial hair. Most of them may not get offended by your suggestion, but that doesn't mean you should constantly talk about their long facial hair!  

You Should Shave!-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

7.This Funny Beard Scale

So, you love long beards? Can't stand it when we say long beards don't look good? If so, then this meme is exclusively for you! This beard meme is hilarious, and it shows the lighter side of long beards. If you have a friend with long facial hair, perhaps, this t-shirt makes a good gift for him. By the way, that man in the meme has a long way to go to reach the Wizardly or Godly level! Apparently, he is now at the Cavemen stage. Hey, do you know that it takes anytime between two to six years to grow a Dumbledore-like beard depending on genetics?

This Funny Beard Scale-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol


8.The Downside Of Clean-Shaving

Unless he likes it, ideally, no man should shave his beard cleanly. Several studies and public debates have concluded that a man looks best in stubble or five o'clock shadow. Clean shave makes a man look feminine, especially those who have fairer skin - like this guy in the meme. Guys with no facial hair look less threatening, and interestingly, a lot of women like their men to have as little facial hair as possible so they can kiss their cheeks passionately! Let's not forget that girls' opinion towards beards differs a lot based on race, religion, demographics, and culture.

The Downside Of Clean-Shaving-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

9.The Unfortunate Guys Who Can't Grow A Beard

Not all men are gifted with a thick beard with nice and straight hair. In fact, many top male celebrities like Keanu Reaves, Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, etc. have mediocre-looking beards. Several factors like testosterone levels, genetics, diet, and other lifestyle habits affect facial hair growth. There are numerous products and therapies available in the market that claim to boost the beard growth. For those who want instant results, beard hair transplantation is an option.

The Unfortunate Guys Who Can't Grow A Beard-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol


10.This Overly-Manly Meme About Beard

If your balls itch, you will need to shave balls hair, and similarly, if your beard itches, you will need to cut the beard hair. There is no reason to cut balls or cheeks and make the whole thing a bloody issue! Remember, facial hair is a personal choice. If someone feels like he has to keep it, he will hold it despite all the problems it creates that range from itching to giving tickles to his girlfriend! If someone cuts their long beard, perhaps, they have a reason to cut that, and being rude to them is pointless.

This Overly-Manly Meme About Beard-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

11.This Makes Sense!

Leonardo DiCaprio sported a clean look throughout his younger years, including in some of his early movies like "Titanic." DiCaprio is mostly seen with a nice goatee off the screen. DiCaprio is a mixed bag when it comes to film appearances. His beard style varies from clean-shaven to long, based on the nature of the roles he has played. Leo won an Oscar (finally!) for his remarkable performance in "The Revenant," and apparently, someone linked the feat to his rugged beard he sported in the movie.

This Makes Sense!-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol

12.Long Hair And Clean-Shaven Face Don't Go Well Together

The rule of thumb is that if you are a man with long hair, you should have some facial hair. It need not necessarily be very long as even a three-day stubble does the trick. Clean-shaving while having long hair is just asking for trouble! Apparently, that guy in the picture transformed into a girl from what once looked like a hardcore death metal fan! Before we put an end to this topic, here are some universally accepted rules of growing beard.
1) Moustache and beard always go together, so never grow only one of them while trimming or shaving the other.
2) You are neither Gandalf nor Dumbledore, so don't grow an unusually long beard.
3) Even if you have a beard, keep it trim and tidy. Always trim unwanted hairs on the neck and upper cheeks.  

Long Hair And Clean-Shaven Face Don't Go Well Together-12 Funny Beard Memes That Will Make You Lol


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