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Funny Facebook Graph Searches

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:49 am

1.At least they are being honest

At least these guys are being honest in what they like even though it just sounds a bit strange and creepy. How young are they talking about? How big are they talking about? So many questions and not enough time to answer them.

2.Just banging

Well is this not what friends are for? It certainly seems that way with this Facebook search and the fact that the list of names keeps going on and on is certainly a bit of a worrying trend.

3.Not a good activity

Well this is certainly not something that you should really go and admit to liking because it is just taking things a bit too far. The scary part is that they are saying how they like it, so this is just getting a bit too creepy.

4.How do you search?

This is another thing where guys will be frantically searching for this on Facebook to see who they can come across. They will be praying that there is somebody near and somebody they know just so they can see if their luck is in.

5.That is just so wrong

Well this is certainly a turn up for the books because you just get the feeling that the list of names is going to be rather extensive to say the least. Their other church goers will certainly not be that happy with them that they are into this story that's for sure.

6.Interesting results

Well this is very interesting since it shows companies where their employees admit to being racist. You can imagine that the companies themselves are not too happy about all of this, but hey what can they do?

7.Just gross

Well this is certainly very gross to say the least and it is certainly not something that the rest of the world needs to know about. Just because you have some strange fetish thing going on is fine, but keep it to yourself, literally.


8.Imagine admitting it

What must their partners think when they see their other half has put this on their Facebook page? It does not say too much about their relationship when they are openly broadcasting the fact that they are up for a bit of adultery.

9.Sounds interesting

You just know that at this very moment there are guys out there doing this search in the hope that they see somebody that they know or like. One thing that is for certain is that it will be very interesting looking at the results page.


10.A bit awkward

Well this is certainly going to be a bit awkward if your name pops up with this search. It will certainly teach others quite a lot about what you believe in and surely this is stuff that you should not really broadcast?

11.Job descriptions

Well talk about putting your job on the Internet. This is the kind of job that most people would just not want to mention, but here is facebook announcing it to the world as if it is very proud of the entire thing.


12.Best kept hidden

Now that it is known that you can do this search it will probably lead to women checking to see if their partner pops up. Imagine the trouble that these guys are going to be in especially as a number of them have links to the profile of their wife.


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