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12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 1:07 pm

So, what does feminism actually mean? The dictionary says that feminism is an advocacy of women's rights based on the equality of the sexes. EQUALITY. You read that, right? Unfortunately, many women have turned feminism into a man-hating business. Those crazy feminists have made an average man hate the concept of feminism altogether. Who is a real feminist? Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany - or some whiny British girl who complained that air conditioning is sexist? If you see the latter as an inspiring women's rights crusader, we are sure you are not going to enjoy reading this topic! Anyway, check these 12 funny and stupid feminist memes that make you laugh or cringe hard right away! 
1.Feminism In A Nutshell

You see feminists marching on roads now and then, protesting a lot of things that range from female-oppressive laws to stare rape. Unfortunately, many young girls believe that feminism is all about invading streets, raising slogans against men, go back home, upload their gallant effort on social media websites in the form of pictures and videos, AND get back to living their normal life. Those who identify themselves as feminists need to work constructively toward empowering women and achieving a goal than whine about useless things. 

Feminism In A Nutshell-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

2.The Reason Why Most Men Hate Feminists

Feminists are hated because they are stubborn. They enclose themselves in a tiny world that's filled with ignorance and hate, and they consistently deny the opportunity to get out of it. Catcalling is bad. Rape is terrible. Domestic abuse is feeble, and we admit pathetic things like these need to end as soon as possible. Now, what feminists are doing to end them? How many times have you seen a feminist leader conducting a camp that teaches young girls to protect themselves in the case of adversity? Feminists argue that rapes shouldn't happen in the first place. Realists advocate caution to avoid rape and harassment. As a man, you can be robbed or killed if you wander dangerous neighborhoods during the night. As a girl, you can get raped or harassed. No one on this planet can curb crime altogether! We have to take care of ourselves.

The Reason Why Most Men Hate Feminists-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

3.This Funny Feminist Logo

That's an accurate description, but calling feminists Nazis or comparing them with fascists is not a good thing at all. We will tell you why. Right or wrong, every human being has an opinion. As long as the opinion doesn't violate the law, no one should have a problem with that. Someone hates gays; it's their personal opinion. A girl hates just about every man on the planet; it's her outlook on life. Some random guy thinks women need to stick to the kitchen and make sandwiches. It's his ignorance. If you get triggered and respond to anyone of the above-mentioned persons, you are just wasting a few valuable moments of your life. Never fight ignorance with ignorance. If you know a feminist, try to enlighten her with some facts and lecture. You can't put out a fire with fire, can you?

This Funny Feminist Logo-12 Funny Feminist Memes That Are Sure To Trigger Some Feminists

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