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12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 11:34 am

We all know how Apple and Android fanboys fight. We are aware of those hilarious feuds between PC and console gamers. Unless you are from the United States and passionate about cars, you are less likely to know how Ford and Chevy owners quarrel over supremacy. Lately, we have been witnessing a lot of anti-Ford memes on the internet. They were created and shared online by Chevy owners to mock Ford as well as its fans. Have a look at these 12 Ford memes that are sure to crack you up!
1.Easy Now, Ford!

The big question here is, why is Ford hated so much? Ford is a famous automobile brand, and it does business in many parts of the world. There's a bit of negativity attached to Ford in the United States, and that's because Ford vehicles, especially the ones in its pickup truck lineup, said to be plagued by numerous problems. People often complain that Ford's Power Stroke engines are slow and not as smooth as its competitors' machines are. As you can see, this meme mocks a Ford truck that's hauling a small utility trailer. 

Easy Now, Ford!-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

2.A Ford Is Like A Tampon

"A Ford is like a tampon… eventually, all pussies get one!" 
This meme just shows how harsh can Chevy fanboys be! What exactly is their problem? Why are they so rude to Ford owners? As we told earlier, some highly passionate GM and Ford owners think that their brand is the best in the country. To prove their dominance, they often create memes and make jokes on each other. Ford fans are often mocked with girly insults because Ford often seems to be more interested in equipping fancy features than focusing on core machinery.

A Ford Is Like A Tampon-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

3.I'd Rather Push A Chevy

Lately, Ford and Chevy truck fans are taking the brand rivalry to an extreme level. You don't often find small car users of Ford and Chevrolet fighting for dominance. Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado are unquestionably two of the top pickup trucks in the United States. Equipped with a high-performance Duramax engine, Silverado is known for its power, performance, and speed. Ford -150, on the other hand, has some best-in-class technology and safety features. Those tough guys with pickup trucks usually don't like all the fancy things, and they just love vehicles that have brute power!

I'd Rather Push A Chevy-12 Funny Ford Memes That Are Sure To Piss Off A Ford Owner

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