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12 Funny Jesus Memes That Will Make You Lol

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 11:51 am

We, humans, are witty enough to make jokes about pretty much anything from race, religion, God to people. Hey, it's okay to read God jokes because Jesus or any other God that we know doesn't send us to hell for doing so! Jesus only hates you when you do bad things, hurt others, commit crimes, etc. Hence what you are about to go through now isn't a deliberate act of sacrilege, but a bunch of jokes that makes an average individual laugh. Here are 12 Jesus Christ memes that are hilarious!
1.Was Inside Of Mary Before Jesus!

Apparently, this meme is referring to Jesus Christ's virginal birth. As you all know, Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus Christ, a doctrine that atheists refuse to accept. No God-fearing or church-going parent believes their daughter when she tells them she is pregnant but claims she is still a virgin! However, they affirm Christ's birth anyway! Funny, but that's how most of our religions work! Anyway, the hippie Jesus here in the picture looks cool, isn't he?

Was Inside Of Mary Before Jesus!-12 Funny Jesus Memes That Will Make You Lol

2.Hey I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy

"Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but I'm your savior, so praise me, may be!" 
That's a cool pickup line, but meeting Jesus Christ for a date is the last thing any girl wants! Jesus Christ does look extremely good in this photo, and every girl wants a guy whose face is as charming as his! Well, most of us know Jesus as a young and handsome white male with blue eyes and stuff, but in reality, he was a Jew and looked like a typical Middle Eastern native! 

Hey I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy-12 Funny Jesus Memes That Will Make You Lol

3.Why Did You Have To Die Jesus?

Christians around the world believe that Jesus Christ came back to life three days after he was crucified and made several appearances up to 40 days before he permanently flew back to heaven. This meme, apparently, humorously depicts Jesus death and resurrection. Hey, did you know many atheists call Jesus's resurrection a hoax! If Jesus Christ died for our sins (sacrifice), what was the point in coming back to life (a miracle)? Hey, you religious buddy, that's not our question!

Why Did You Have To Die Jesus?-12 Funny Jesus Memes That Will Make You Lol

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