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12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 12:39 pm

Time heals all things, except these crazy eyes! If you watched Adam Sandler's 2002 film, "Mr. Deeds," you would perhaps remember Steve Buscemi playing the "Crazy Eyes" role and all the funny scenes in the movie that involved him. Looks Good to Me meme is a screen capture of one such funny scene from the film. Although the meme isn't as popular as some other memes on the internet, it does make you laugh, especially if you are a perfectionist or someone who is super critical about things! The Looks Good to Meme is mostly used to describe automobile or mechanical imperfections by those who work in the industry. Check these 12 funny Looks Good to Memes that are very funny.
1.When Blinker Fluid Is Low!

Those two blinkers are not aligned properly, and this meme is just making fun of it. That car with those unevenly turns indicator lights does appear weird! The biggest joke in the meme, though, is that blinker fluid thing. Apparently, it says blinker fluid is low and hints that it's the culprit behind the haphazardly fitted lights. Blinker fluid is a fictional term that car and auto enthusiasts use to mock or make fun of people who don't have an idea of how a blinker or even a car works.

When Blinker Fluid Is Low!-12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

2.Did The Alignment Myself!

Well, with that kind of wheel alignment, the car is going to go nowhere! It just sits there like a dead duck, until someone comes and corrects it. If the driver still attempts to drive that car anyway, the front tires are highly likely to catch fire in just a few minutes. Many people, especially women, don't care about wheel alignment. A car with even slightest of wheel alignment issues will damage its tires very quickly. 

Did The Alignment Myself!-12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

3.And Again!

The previous car can at least move forward a little, with back wheels forcefully forcing the front wheels to move, resulting in burnout. This red car appears worse than the previous one. From what we can see, it's not clear if the car has its suspension snapped or the wheels are intentionally aligned in the way. As it is evident that's there's hardly any ground clearance from this picture, we firmly believe that's car is just bedridden, we mean to say, road-ridden! 

And Again!-12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

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