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12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 12:39 pm

Time heals all things, except these crazy eyes! If you watched Adam Sandler's 2002 film, "Mr. Deeds," you would perhaps remember Steve Buscemi playing the "Crazy Eyes" role and all the funny scenes in the movie that involved him. Looks Good to Me meme is a screen capture of one such funny scene from the film. Although the meme isn't as popular as some other memes on the internet, it does make you laugh, especially if you are a perfectionist or someone who is super critical about things! The Looks Good to Meme is mostly used to describe automobile or mechanical imperfections by those who work in the industry. Check these 12 funny Looks Good to Memes that are very funny.
10.That'll Hold!

That seems to be a redneck invention or some Russian innovation! A lot of such inventions or innovations usually work, but we don't think this is going to work. Sadly, a lot of people don't understand car mechanics or general physics, and that is the reason they come up with ideas like these. Anyone who drives a vehicle needs to know how it works so they can have a better hold on their car, truck, or even motorcycle, especially in a state of emergency or breakdown. 

That'll Hold!-12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

11.One More Car With Funny Wheel Alignment

The picture's obviously meant to be a joke, so don't ever think that can happen to your car. As we told earlier, many cars have slight to severe wheel alignment issues. Those who don't get their car inspected frequently are more likely to have faulty wheels. Cars with misaligned wheels are hazardous to drive. Besides damage to tires, such cars give a hard time to drivers and may even swerve into other cars or pedestrians on the road. 

One More Car With Funny Wheel Alignment-12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

12.Did Someone Say Boobies?

Is this how one looks at two boobs at once?! The good thing is that one doesn't need to have eyes like Crazy Eyes to do that! The worst of all; imagine yourself being a girl and think about having someone like Crazy Eyes on top of you, trying to make an eye contact! That's when things become incredibly awkward! Steve Buscemi does have weird eyes. In fact, his eyes look so weird that they have been a subject of humor for a very long time. 

Did Someone Say Boobies?-12 Funny Looks Good To Me Memes You'll Ever See

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