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12 Funny Murica Memes That Will Make You Lol

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 10:54 am

The internet fondly calls America, Murica! The term, Merica/Murica refers to the stereotypical Americans such as obese, southerners, hillbillies, gun-toting, and flag-waving patriots. In the recent years, non-Americans have been using it to insult or ridicule the United States and its people. Interestingly, the slang name was chalked by none other than the Americans themselves! Murica memes are very popular on the internet, and unsurprisingly, almost all of them make fun of the USA and censure its interference in world politics in the name of freedom. Check these 12 funny Murica memes that are sure to make you laugh! 
4.Murica Level: Maximum

Technically, the United States is the 12th fattest nation in the world, but it should be the most obese country in the world theoretically because the countries that occupied the first 11 places are not so popular. Have you ever heard the country names like Tonga, Palau, Kiribati, and Tuvalu before? They are some countries among the top ten fat nations. This meme clearly highlights the obesity pandemic in the USA. If you are a foreigner visiting the US, you will be surprised with the number of fat people you are going to see on the streets!

Murica Level: Maximum-12 Funny Murica Memes That Will Make You Lol

5.Captain 'Murica!

Well, his beer belly is rounder than Earth! Did you notice letter "M" on his cap? That just confirms he is indeed Captain 'Murica! Do you know many Americans don't find this slang word, Murica/Merica offending at all? That's because many people, especially Southerners pronounce America as Murica to this date. Getting back to this meme - that is exactly how the rest of the world imagines an average American man! The only missing thing here is a gun or a semi-automatic rifle. 

Captain 'Murica!-12 Funny Murica Memes That Will Make You Lol

6.Bacon Soda!

Bacon is like the national food of the United States! This bacon soda is very real and if you are an American willing to taste it, you can find it on Amazon. Don't expect it to taste good because a lot of people who tried this bacon soda gave poor feedback, saying it left a bad taste in their mouth, similar to that of a burnt tire. In addition to bacon soda, you can purchase bacon toothpaste, bacon-flavored gum, candies, and even toothpicks in the United States! Bacon is love; bacon is life! 

Bacon Soda!-12 Funny Murica Memes That Will Make You Lol

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