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12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 12:24 pm

Hey, do you remember those good old meme/rage faces? We still have them, but they aren't heavily used lately to make memes. Those facial illustrations express different types of moods and feelings. The Okay meme is one of them, and it is a facial caricature of a man who appears to keep his head down, giving us an impression that he is sad. Come, let's check 12 funny Okay memes that are sure to take you back in time and make you relive those moments when we used to waste hours just to check memes!
1.Puts "My Penis" As Password, Said It Was Too Short!

Who in the world puts "my penis" as password?! Even if someone's willing to put it, a lot of websites aren't going to accept it, anyway. As you know, most sites force us to select a complex password that has uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Gone are the days when websites would allow whatever we chose as password, except that it had to be a bit longer. And yes, we are aware that this meme is actually a penis joke!


2.Chrome Isn't Accepting Cookies!

This meme is plain hilarious! Oh boy, whoever made this meme got a creative brain under their skull! This meme was created based on Google Chrome's reluctance to accept cookies and web beacons from websites. As you know, it happens when a user intentionally, unknowingly, or accidentally disables cookies on Chrome settings page. Many websites don't function properly when cookies are disabled, and the only way to get them back is by enabling Chrome, or any browser accepts cookies. 

Chrome Isn't Accepting Cookies!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

3.When Cat Gets Trolled!

Damn, aren't we missing stories like these that people used to tell with rage faces? We are no longer seeing them on the mainstream meme and viral websites. This rage meme is hilarious, and unlike the other memes on this topic, we have a sad cat here in the place of a sad person! Do you really think cats are just going to say okay when you troll them? We don't believe so! Cats are not dogs, and they are very bossy. If you own a cat, you already know how bad it is to mess with them especially when it comes to faking them about treats! 

When Cat Gets Trolled! -12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

4.The Star Is Already Dead!

It is precisely the reason why we can never hear from aliens, at least for the next few hundreds of years. All those stars and planets NASA is probing are hundreds and thousands of light years away, which means we aren't truly seeing them live. We are just looking at their past. To help you understand this easily, let's take Sun as an example. Sunlight takes approximately eight minutes to reach Earth. Now, this means if Sun blew up right now, we would know that only after eight minutes! Similarly, when we see a star that's some 1000 light years away, we only see how that star used to look like 1000 years ago! 

The Star Is Already Dead!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

5.No Drugs Or Nuclear Weapons Allowed Inside

Those who are frequenters to Hard Rock Café don't need a special introduction about this sign! Apart from HRC, a lot of restaurants and bars use the same or similar signs to tell people that they don't allow drugs inside, in a humorous and less offending way. Business establishments know that many of their customers are plain stupid! They still need to be extra friendly to their patrons because good hospitality drives more business in the food and drink industry. Signs like these are just a trick to tell people to behave well without sounding rude.

No Drugs Or Nuclear Weapons Allowed Inside-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

6.When A Chimp Lives A Better Life Than Most Guys!

It isn't a fake photo, and that's a real primate in action! That chimp seems to be enjoying its time out there on the beach with hot chicks around! The picture might have taken at one of those Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. where it's prevalent for protected and trained animals to interact with humans. But we aren't sure if that's the case here because a lot of those animals tend to stay inside high-security enclosures.

When A Chimp Lives A Better Life Than Most Guys!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

7.In Case Of Fire, Don't Use!

Many of us may almost instantly assume that there is an error on that sign, but it may be correct. We aren't saying the note, "In Case of Fire, Don't Use" is clear and concise, but believe it may not be a blunder. Apparently, that's a CO2 fire extinguisher, and it is only used to put down fires created by live electric short circuits. It's not that efficient when it comes to putting down fire caused by other sources. Whoever put this perhaps meant to instruct people not to use this during a regular fire outbreak.

In Case Of Fire, Don't Use!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life


8.Okay, Shampoo!

That seems to be a cheap Chinese rip-off of Olay shampoo! Oh man, Chinese people copy a lot of things, and they seem to care less about global copyright laws. From Jack Daniels to Starbucks, here's a big list of Chinese fake brands and knock-offs. The good news is that these kinds of rip-offs are incredibly cheap to buy. On the other hand, there's no guarantee that you are going to buy a genuine product in China even though you are willing to shell out big bucks to own a fancy thing! 

Okay, Shampoo!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

9.Stupid Dog!

Are they Bitch Please and Okay memes? We have a feeling that we saw those faces somewhere else! Where? Um, yeah, on Cartoon Network! Someone Photoshopped the original Bitch Please and Okay memes to look like Eustace and Courage! Courage, the Cowardly Dog, is one of the creepiest and weirdest cartoon shows ever aired on Cartoon Network. Nonetheless, the shows are fun to watch! 

Stupid Dog!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life


10.OKAY, Restaurant!

Okay is such a dull term to use in business related things. When you see a restaurant with a name like Okay Restaurant, your brain may automatically assume that everything in the hotel from food to reception is just okay. We are surprised to find out there exist a good number of eateries in the United States and around the world that has OKAY as their business name! Very interesting, isn't it?! 

OKAY, Restaurant! -12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

11.This Super Mario Bros Moment

This picture makes most of us feel nostalgic instantly! We all had our fair share okay moments when we tried and failed to jump on top of the flagpole to grab 5000 points. This meme neatly depicts the disappointment. We may have played a lot of video games during our childhood, but Super Mario Bros remains one of the best, if not, the best of all! Super Mario Bros is proof that a game doesn't need to have great graphics to be the best. 

This Super Mario Bros Moment-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

12.This Okay Dog!

Pretty much every dog looks like this when it has to take a bath! Dogs hate to take a shower, and in fact, many animals display similar behavior. This dog in the picture is at least sitting quietly without running away from the bathroom! Experts suggest people to use warm water over cold water to wash their dog. Dogs hate it when you pour water on their face, so it is advisable to use a wet cloth to clean their face. Importantly, unlike humans, canines need not shower every day to stay clean!

This Okay Dog!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life


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