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12 Funny Sleep Memes That Will Make Your Day

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 11:31 am

Every human being on this planet requires eight hours of sleep a day for optimum health and maximum productivity. Most of us find it difficult to sleep for the entire eight hours a day because of our busy and technology-ridden lifestyles. Sleeping for six to seven hours a day and then compensating the lost hours during the weekend is an ideal alternative, but people won't do that either. Many of us hardly sleep for five hours a day. Trust us; those bad sleeping habits are going to haunt you soon by giving you a boatload of health problems. Check these funny sleep memes that neatly sum up the sleep struggles of modern people!
4.This Habit Is Even Worse

Sleep deprivation has a strong correlation with bad eating habits. Why don't many of us sleep? Are we trying to invent a cool thing? NO! Are we penning an epic novel? NO! Most of us just waste time browsing the internet or texting our friends. In simple words, people don't sleep because they are bored. If you stay awake way too late in the night, you feel like eating food out of boredom. Sleep deprivation, when paired up with weight gain, can be extremely detrimental to health.

This Habit Is Even Worse-12 Funny Sleep Memes That Will Make Your Day

5.You Only Sleep 8 Hours!

Hey, come on, Koala! We, humans, hardly sleep for five hours! Guys, if you didn't understand this meme, you probably don't know that koalas sleep for 16 to 18 hours a day! Yes, they spend more than three-fourth of a day slumbering. We think sloths are the laziest animals, but they don't sleep for longer periods as koalas do. Well, those furry creatures don't need to go to work, make money, or deal with a world of problems. Lucky animals, aren't they?! 

You Only Sleep 8 Hours!-12 Funny Sleep Memes That Will Make Your Day

6.Sleep Paralysis!

If you have never experienced sleep paralysis before, just pray to God that you should never get one in your lifetime. Sleep paralysis is a scary psychological condition in which a person gains consciousness during sleep, but their entire body remains in a paralyzed position. During the REM (rapid eye moment) stage of sleep, our brain shutdowns muscles to prevent us from enacting our dreams. If you somehow managed to wake up during that phase, you struggle a lot to move, but can't. You strive hard to speak, but you can't utter a word. It feels like your soul is trapped in a dead body. 

Sleep Paralysis!-12 Funny Sleep Memes That Will Make Your Day

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