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12 Funny Star Trek Memes That Are Make Your Day

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 1:14 pm

With a net worth of approximately $4 billion, Star Trek is one of the most successful entertainment franchises in the world. Most of our parents grew up watching Star Trek TOS, and a lot of them passed the culture down to their family line. If you are a big fan of the franchise, perhaps, you already know how Star Trek isn't just a story about alien life but a metaphor for technology, communication, and international politics. Most Star Trek fans aren't very young, so you don't find too many Star Trek Memes on the Internet. So, here is a hilarious collection of 12 memes about Star Trek that are funny and not highly illogical!
4.This Alien Dog!

Unless you are a big fan of Star Trek and watched the original Star Trek TV series, you are less likely to identify this dog! Its name is Alfa 177, and it was one of the two similar-looking dogs shown in one of the episodes of TOS. The one in the picture was a good dog with friendly nature, and the other was a bad-tempered canine that growls at anything and everything it sees. As this meme says, the dog is an alien species, and its unicorn-like horn and two weird antennas behinds its ears make it look different from an average dog native to Earth.

This Alien Dog!-12 Funny Star Trek Memes That Are Make Your Day

5.Who Wore It Better? Jake Sisko Or A Random Bus Seat?

Well, Jake Sisko wore some of the weirdest and garish outfits, and the costume you see here in the picture is one of them. To be honest, most actors of the old generation Star Trek TV series wore weird-looking clothes. Even though the Star Trek was set in future, the costume preferences of the first couple of Star Trek TV series were not sophisticated from a fashion perspective to look like futuristic. Who watches a tv show for actors' costumes, anyway? The meme seems funny, though! Isn't it?

Who Wore It Better? Jake Sisko Or A Random Bus Seat?-12 Funny Star Trek Memes That Are Make Your Day

6.Treat People In Debt Like Your Family - Exploit Them!

We assume that you are aware of those 285 Rules of Acquisition, penned by Ferengi people. Remember the rule one? "Once you have their money, never give it back!" The quotes are like a Bible for cheapskates around the world, so if you are one, or if you want to become one, read all those Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. Ferengis are interesting people, and they often give you an impression that they were created based on Jewish stereotyping! In fact, many Star Trek fans call Ferengi people space Jews!

Treat People In Debt Like Your Family - Exploit Them!-12 Funny Star Trek Memes That Are Make Your Day

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