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24 Funny Things People Do When Bored At Home

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8:54 am

Boredom hits everyone on the planet irrespective of their age and gender. Even If you were the world's richest man, you would still be getting bored at some point. While most of us feel dreary occasionally, some people find their entire life dull and uninteresting! From morning to midnight, they spend their day as if they don't belong to this planet, and they have nothing to do here. If you too are one of those poor souls who constantly get bored, this topic is like a stash of gold for you! Check out these 24 funny things people did when they got bored, and find new ways to make your gloomy moments interesting!  
1.Cover that monitor

This person clearly had some time on their hands and that is why they ended up producing this kind of paper scene with their monitor. At least they have got creative with the spare time that they think they have available.

2.This is taking it too far

This really is just taking things a bit too far with boredom, but people will end up doing crazy things and then putting it on the Internet. The only problem here is that they then have to look back at it in the future and will cringe in the process.

3.Just why?

Yep people are forever picking up a small pair of scissors in order to deal with that bored feeling that has just fallen over them. This is not funny, but it is very strange.

4.Get those toes done

Have you ever looked at your toes as being a way to solve your boredom? Probably not, but this person has and now they have some kind of toe puppet show thing going on.

5.No longer bored

The thing about doing this is that not only will you entertain yourself, but if you have a friend you can then have some pretty cool fights. Yes even grown men are likely to put cardboard boxes around them and pretend that they are like Robocop.

6.Move that keyboard

In all honesty this is not just something that geeks would do because anybody that is bored and has a sense of humor would surely be tempted into trying this kind of thing as well? There really are so many options to choose from, but just remember to put the keys back.

7.This gets attention

This will undoubtedly get attention, but at the same time it could lead to you getting pulled over by the cops and questioned as to what is going on. However, it is funny and is done when bored, so it qualifies.


8.Be careful

With this idea you need to be careful with who you do this with or you might not get the reaction that you hoped for. It can work out quite well though, but you need to be able to fart on cue.

9.Getting creative at home

What this person has done when they were bored is to try to create a cool picture using only things that they have in their house. You have to admit that this is pretty cool and right now you are probably wishing that this was you.


10.Evil office monster

This is like some strange and evil office monster although it does appear to be doing the rock on symbol as well. That is enough to just confuse your mind and make you realize just how bored that person must have been,

11.The poor coffee cup

Yep this probably does take boredom to a new level when you feel that doing this is the better option. Hopefully the coffee inside was at least nice because then it would make it seem all worthwhile.

12.A work of art

You have to just see this as a work of art because that takes some amount of skill to be able to balance monitors like this and turn them into an arch. How do you even take it down?

13.Another phone idea

The funniest part about this is that you can actually imagine somebody like Will Ferrel doing this, even though this Twitter account is a parody. This may and may not work, depending on their bed, but it might still be worth a shot.

14.Practical jokes

When people are bored it is quite common for them to then start to do some practical jokes and in this instance you just know that they had far too much time on their hands and that there had to be more than one person. This really does take some planning.

15.Would this be cruel?

The question here is whether or not it would be cruel to do this? However, you have to say that it does look funny, but just be nice and wash it off after you have had your laugh?

16.Funny Things To Do When Bored At Home

This is really an amazing photo. We have to appreciate those people who have come up with this brilliant idea. Apparently, nothing more than plain household items like couches, sheets, carpets, drapes, laundry, etc. are used to create a beautiful scene that resembles a person surfing on a board. A bit of photo editing work would have made this picture look even better. Nonetheless, it's still impressive. It is definitely an interesting and funny thing to do when bored at home, but there is a lot of tedious physical work involved.

Funny Things To Do When Bored At Home-24 Funny Things People Do When Bored At Home

17.A bit too much?

OK so maybe this is not the best thing to do especially if you know that you are pretty bad at playing catch. You can imagine what the mothers are thinking as they look on at this scene.

18.An excellent idea

OK so your ability to do this is of course going to depend on where you work, but if you have the materials, then surely making a robot suit is going to be quite appealing? If you are reading this at work, then you are probably working out how to do it now.


Does this kind of thing tempt you? Does it come across as being a fun thing to do to somebody? Maybe it is not a wise thing if they end up getting the police onto you?

20.Making a scorpion

You would need to be seriously bored to even think about making a scorpion like this. How long did it take them? How come they did not end up getting bored when making it? Did they make anything else?

21.An excellent idea

This is one of those things where you see it and you admire the person for being such a genius in coming up with the idea in the first place. OK so it will freak out the next person that comes in, but it would be fun doing it.

22.Playing with technology

Thanks to technology we should not be getting as bored as we should be, but at times it is the technology that comes to the rescue. Let's be honest here and admit that if we were bored and could do this, then we would.

23.Too much time on your hands

What this shows is that somebody has had too much time on their hands and they have decided to get creative in order to solve that problem. You have to admit that this is pretty cool though.

24.Work can be boring

Sometimes at work you can indeed end up feeling very bored, but these guys have come up with a great way of overcoming that problem. You are probably look at this and feeling jealous and we cannot blame you for that.


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