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12 Funny Waiting Skeleton Memes

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 11:46 am

Be it waiting for your partner who said they would show up in five minutes, expecting a rise in your salary, growth in business, or even waiting for a right partner; every one of us waits for someone or something, and that's an essential part of life. Sometimes, things never happen at all despite months or even years of waiting. The meme community uses a skeleton to describe such situations, and what you are about to see now are a bunch of such funny waiting skeleton memes. 
1.It's Not Going To Happen Soon!

"Waiting for your ex to realize their mistakes and come back to you!" 
First of all, there's nothing worse than waiting for an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend to return. Remember, they left you for someone else. They forgot all the good things you did to them and all those lovely moments you shared with them. Just hope that one day they will realize all their mistakes, but never wish to see them back in your life, especially if they cheated on you. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but people will eventually realize their mistakes one day! 

It's Not Going To Happen Soon!-12 Funny Waiting Skeleton Memes

2.She Said She'd Be In 5 Minutes!

Admit it; you girls never stick to schedules! Most of you always arrive late to a date, party, or even a simple get together. It isn't a stereotype, and thousands of men around the world often complain about this tardy behavior from women. Hey, guys, most girls don't do that intentionally, though. They need a lot of time to dress them up, put makeup, etc. They spend hours inspecting their closet to find that perfect dress for the occasion! If you want them to look pretty, you have to wait a little longer than usual! 

She Said She'd Be In 5 Minutes!-12 Funny Waiting Skeleton Memes

3.Waiting For A Response!

Be it a reply from an employer, an investor, or a potential suitor on a dating website, waiting for it really sucks. Sadly, in most cases, it never arrives! The wise thing to do in such scenarios is throwing your application everywhere so that you may receive some kind of response. Don't waste time waiting for something, like this skeleton! Be productive instead, and you sure achieve or gain something! The same rule applies to online dating as well. Try to contact as many as you can, so you may receive a reply back from at least one person! 

Waiting For A Response!-12 Funny Waiting Skeleton Memes

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