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Funny And Insane Pervert Deaths

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:02 am

1.S&M? More like DOA

A guy in Europe decided that he wanted to try out the strictest dominatrix in the continent. This was a decision that he would end up regretting as he actually died due to asphyxiation thanks to the ball gag in his mouth. Looks like he just could not handle it.

2.A choking incident

A guy in Ohio was found dead in rather unusual circumstances. He had himself put into a rather unusual position with a gimp mask, a metal sphere around his head, and handcuffed to it. The idea was that a big dildo was to be put near his mouth, but something went wrong because the dildo got stuck in his mouth and he promptly choked to death.

3.Well you shouldn't have done it

This guy gets no sympathy because he died whilst trying to sexually assault an elderly woman. He was in the middle of it all when he suddenly said he was not feeling that good and dropped dead in front of her. Well, if you weren't trying to rape her perhaps you would still be alive you idiot.

4.Stamina is not always good

Guys are often guilty of wanting to really show off their sexual ability, but for a young guy in Russia his ego ended up being the death of him. His argument was that he could have sex with two women non-stop for 12 hours and he was doing well for most of it. However, just after finishing and winning the bet he died thanks to the bottle of Viagra pills he had swallowed to do the bet in the first place.

5.Not what you think

Imagine thinking you have a hot girl and you are getting ready to do the deed. You are at a brothel, you see her, you go into the room and she turns out to actually be a guy. This is what happened to one disappointed customer in Germany who was so shocked and so full of Viagra that he had a heart attack and died.

6.A bargain is not always good

An 80 year old man in Croatia decided that he wanted to have some fun, but was not willing to pay the normal price to the pr0stitute. He ended up getting a bargain price and then got so excited at the prospect that he had a heart attack and died instantly.

7.Keep your eyes on the road

A 23 year old man must have thought he had died and gone to Heaven, but little did he know that he would indeed end up actually going there. His girlfriend was giving him some oral fun as he was driving before he lost control of everything and crashed. He died instantly whereas she was discovered injured and in a compromising position.


8.Bet on the horses

There are a couple of reports of people dying after having sex with a horse, but there is one that goes down in Internet history. Basically, a group of guys had hundreds of hours of footage of them being penetrated by a horse, but one time the horse must have got a bit carried away leading to the guy suffering fatal internal injuries.

9.Even ministers are at it

A minister in Alabama should be pretty religious and not get up to anything too risky, but that is apparently not always the case. Instead, a certain guy had a rubber fetish that led to him dressing himself up from head to toe including a mask and even rubber gloves. He ended up also suffocating and can you imagine the uproar about it all?


10.What a way to go

A young woman in the UK was posted missing from her work for a couple of days. Police eventually broke into her apartment and found her dead with a sex toy. Basically, she was pleasuring herself in private before suffering from an irregular heartbeat that then led to her death while probably having an orgasm. Just how powerful was that thing?

11.The gas mask

Well you have probably heard of people using a gas mask as a prop for sex, but you would at least feel as if it would be safe? A guy was starting a new job as a security guard, but for some reason he ended up feeling bored and decided that he knew how to pass the time. He ended up putting on a wet suit, Wellington boots, and a gas mask before pleasuring himself whilst on poppers. It was also his last day at work as he basically suffocated.


12.Allergic to the dog

OK so having sex with a dog is pretty disgusting, but you would never think that it would end up being fatal, but sadly for a woman in Germany that was exactly what happened. Basically, she met up with a guy who was also into this and had sex with his dog, but she was allergic to its semen and she ended up going into shock and dying.


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