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Funny Broken Signs

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 10:27 am

1.Only a Jew?

Go on admit it, you now have this mental image of a number of Jewish people lined up there waiting to be swapped for a younger model. If that is actually what happens then where is the National Christian Exchange?

2.They have a sign for that?

Yet again it is impossible for this sign to be any worse than it currently is because now you are thinking that there is some fully air-conditioned semen for sale in this rather fancy looking building. At least they are not ashamed of it since they appear to be advertising it so blatantly.

3.Are they that good?

Well are their hamburgers that good that they can go around calling people by that name? That is confidence for you that it will not turn people away from you after calling them names.

4.Well this is different

Lets be honest here is there any way that the letters could have been any worse with this sign? Even tail lounge would have been so much better than this because instead you are now going to get completely the wrong type of people going in there.

5.Sounds itchy

Well this does sound as if it would make downstairs a little bit itchy because who would want lice sex? This sign is just seriously confusing and it has to just turn heads no matter where it is in the world as it is just so bizarre.

6.Avoid the steak

Well surely this sign is enough to make you vegetarian? You will now be looking at a steak in a completely different manner because if it is the anus then does it alter the taste?

7.Are they that bad?

Well this is surely going to hit the business hard because would you go in there if they sell crapbooks? It looks very nice inside, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that they are being so open and honest about the products that they sell.


8.Get off the alcohol

Well this is a bit scary because apparently if you go there you need to die through the store, so then how can you manage to enjoy your beer if that has happened? Perhaps it is telling you what will happen to you if you visit it too often and it screws up your liver?

9.Take the advice

Well this is certainly some advice that a lot of people should listen to and at least this sign is just trying to help you out. However, could this sign have actually broken in a better way? What are the chances of this happening more than once?


10.Lucky Johnny

Well we might not know who Johnny is, but he is certainly a very lucky guy if he has this particular station. He is clearly very proud since he appears to have decided to make a huge neon sign stating the fact.

11.That's a bit forward

Well this sign is a little bit forward is it not? At least you know what you will be getting if you ever go there, so there really should be no surprises.


12.Is it that bad?

OK so there is only one letter missing, but is it trying to tell us something about this well known company? Maybe it is what everybody says when they put in the wrong kind of fuel and their vehicle starts to bump along and then finally stop?


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