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Funny Looking Animals

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 7:47 pm


The beak of this guy just does not fit in with the rest of his head as there is too much of it for the size of him. It puts him all out of proportion and he just looks funny, so what we are basically doing here is making fun of him for having a big nose.


The problem with a sloth is that it always looks like it should be appearing in some horror movie as the spooky kids toy in the bedroom. It is all due to the smile on its face and those eyes are quite piercing, so perhaps this should be in the scary looking animals category on second thoughts.

3.Angora rabbit

Believe it or not, but this is actually a rabbit even though it looks a bit too freaky to be one. Rabbits are supposed to..well...look like rabbits, but this looks like a giant ball of fluff with a face painted on. Only own one in a cool climate or this guy will sweat his ears off.

4.Komondor dog

This breed of dog just looks like a mop that has got out of hand and the handle of it has been lost at some point. You would be forgiven for thinking you could soak up spills by getting him to lie on it because this hair is just a bit crazy looking.

5.Dumbo Octopus

This is actually an octopus, but you would not think it by looking at this little guy. He looks like something out of a Disney cartoon, but he is real and what is that little thing dangling down? Is it his nose? We hope it is his nose.


Those eyes just look far too big for its head and it is like some cartoon drawing has come to life. He is quite small, but boy does he look funny as he appears to be constantly surprised due to the eyes, but then he can't look like anything else can he?

7.Aye Aye

This little guy just makes you stare in amazement at him because there is just something peculiar and not quite right about the way he looks. This photograph actually makes him look as if you have just surprised him in some way, perhaps he was doing something that he should not have been doing?


8.Proboscis monkey

It will not take you long to work out what makes this guy look funny because if that was a human, then they would be heading for a nose job pretty much straight away. Why does that happen that just one thing goes all crazy like that? What is the point of their nose being like that?

9.Star-nosed mole

This just looks wrong in so many ways and you have to say that he is a rather funny looking mole. It looks as if something has exploded on his face and he is waiting treatment for some horrific injury, but nope that is the way he is meant to look.



A tapir just looks like a combination of a number of animals that has been glued together in order to produce something that looks completely different. You have to say that even though he is funny looking, that he is also quite cute in a bizarre kind of ugly duckling way.

11.White faced saki monkey

Let's be honest here. At first you thought that this was the butt and not the face. You cant be blamed for thinking that because of the shape of the nose and the way that the different colors are on him and it doesn't matter the type of animal you are because if your face looks like a butt, then you are funny.


12.Emperor tamarin

As you can see, the only thing about this guy that makes him funny is the fact that he has a moustache that even humans would be proud of having. This facial hair is certainly different to what you would expect on an animal, but he does carry it pretty well all things considered.


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