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15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 12:17 pm

Playboy is one of the world's top adult entertainment franchises. Hugh Hefner founded the magazine in 1953. Playboy was only a magazine at that time. Today, it is one of the top brands in the world having its presence in almost every domain. Playboy is mainly known for its magazines and the nude and semi-nude pictures of models and celebrities in the magazine's centerfolds. Marilyn Monroe was the first ever woman to pose naked for Playboy. Since then, numerous actresses and models have posed naked for the magazine. Playboy pays a really big sum of money to celebrities, asking them to pose naked for the magazine. Most celebs have accepted the offer, but a few of them turned it down. Here are fifteen celebrities who turned down a Playboy offer! 
1.Sarah Michelle Gellar

Thanks to 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' TV show, Sarah Michelle Gellar was a highly-popular television actress between the years 1997 and 2003. She was so popular at that time that Playboy had come forward to pay her $2 million for a naked picture of her. Although excited about the offer, she reportedly rejected it. 
Although her recent roles aren't as popular as 'Buffy Summers', she hasn't really stopped acting in TV shows. In February 2016, she made an announcement via Instagram that she had signed a TV series pilot 'The Cruel Intentions' for NBC. The TV show is based on the 1999 movie of the same name. Besides acting, Sarah Michelle Gellar will be executive producer of the TV series.   

Sarah Michelle Gellar-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

2.Rachel Wiesz

Rachel is probably one of Britain's most sultriest stars ever and even today at her age she is still kicking it. The star has never posed nude for Playboy, much to the frustration of many fans. She has however appeared topless in a few movies.

Rachel Wiesz-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

3.Cheryl Cole

Cheryl has all this cute celebrity thing going on in Britain and so far has not stripped down for Playboy. Perhaps she feels it would ruin her cute image?

Cheryl Cole-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

4.Christina Aguilera

Christina has never posed naked for Playboy. She has never been naked, if you can call a few stamp sized bits of material not naked.

Christina Aguilera-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

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5.Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is an amazing actress. She is one of the few actresses who not only looks good but also delivers great performance. Kate Hudson rose to fame in the early 2000s, thanks to the Penny Leanne role in Almost Famous movie. The movie made her very, very, famous. Playboy Magazine tried a lot to make Kate pose for them, but the "Gossip" star, Kate Hudson, kept denying the Playboy's lucrative offers. Both her parents are actors, and posed for Playboy back in their day. The famous blonde star prefers to keep herself under wraps and keep driving us all mad!  

Kate Hudson-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

6.Kylie Minogue

Australian singer and actress has never been naked for Playboy in her entire career. She just wants to remain a mystery perhaps and tease all mankind to death.

Kylie Minogue-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

7.Britney Spears

No one knows why sexy Britney has never been seen in Playboy. She has had a pretty busy few years getting her career back into line and sorting out her life. Perhaps that is still coming?

Britney Spears-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer


8.Paris Hilton

Paris has had her fair share of flashing her bits and pieces and perhaps the measly 1 Million she was offered by Playboy to pose naked was not enough. Instead, she finds solace posing with a burger.

Paris Hilton-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

9.Victoria Beckham

Victoria has never accepted an offer from Playboy to appear naked in their magazine. She hardly needs the money right? Perhaps she is just too Posh for all that? 

Victoria Beckham-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer



Rihanna has declined the offer to pose for Playboy saying she would never accept money to strip down. Instead, she feels that it something she would do just because she felt like it. (More money than brains?).

Rihanna-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

11.Katy Perry

Which hot blooded male or female has not fantasized about Katy Perry naked? She is certainly the 'It' girl in America right now. As of yet, she has not appeared in Playboy. You go girl! You tease!

Katy Perry-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

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12.Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has been semi-naked on film and in print loads of times, but has repeatedly turned down Playboy. Why? No one seems to know why the cute star refuses, especially when they realize she was offered $10 Million for it. Perhaps that is small change to Jennifer?

Jennifer Aniston-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

13.Stacey Keibler

Stacey Keibler is one such celebrity who can beat the life out of anyone who messes with her! Besides being a professional wrestler, she is an excellent actress, model, dancer, and cheerleader. She has fans from all parts of the world, thanks to WWE. Playboy approached her asking to pose naked for the magazine. She declined the offer. She is one of those few celebrities who haven't shown their 'assets' to fans!

Stacey Keibler-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

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14.Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a top model, and the German woman is going great even at the age of 42 years. Throughout her career, Heidi Klum has posed naked on numerous occasions. Her naked body isn't a new thing to her fans. Heidi Klum turned down a Playboy offer too. Her rejection has nothing to do with the nudity, though. No one clearly knows why she had to decline an attractive Playboy offer, but we guess she was trying to protect her identity.

Heidi Klum-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer

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15.Nelly Furtado

She may not be enjoying a great time at this moment from her career point of view, but Nelly Furtado was a top singer a decade back. Playboy approached her during that period and reportedly asked her to pose nude for the magazine, but she declined the offer. Playboy also made a second offer, asking her to pose fully clothed for half a million dollars. She rejected the second offer as well. 

Nelly Furtado-15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer


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