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12 Hilarious Bee Puns That Will Make Your Day

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:03 pm

As a fan of puns, there's no better feeling in the world than laying back and reading a well-made and well-timed pun! No matter how many "punny" jokes you read, your humor-thirsty soul simply wants more. To entertain you, today, we have come up with yet another pun topic. Guess what puns we are about read now? Bee puns! "Bee-live" it or not, bees make great puns. "Bee" prepared to read check these "bee-autiful" bee puns! Here we have, 12 of the hilarious bee puns exclusively for you. 
4.One More Punny Question

What do you call a bee that's sore-loser? A cry bay-bee!
Oh boy, these bee puns are getting out of control! The pun is hilarious, but we think we need to step in to defend bees. Bees are never sore-losers, not even one! They all work extremely hard, gather nectar, and make honey for us. They pollinate seeds, and without them, bees, it's hard for the human race to survive. Nah, we aren't serious, we are just letting you know some facts! Bees are fascinating little creatures. 

One More Punny Question-12 Hilarious Bee Puns That Will Make Your Day

5.Guess The Favorite Sport Of Bees?

A bee's favorite sport is rug-bee! 
Funny pun, isn't it? Now that you have read the joke let's shape up this post into some biology lecture. Let's talk more about bees! Hey, did you know how many eyes a bee has? Two? You are wrong! Bees have a total of five eyes, two regular ones in front of their face and three small eyes on top of their head. Interestingly, they have hair on their as eyes! Bees are weird, but we must be thankful to them for pollinating more than 80% of fruit, vegetable, and seed crops in the United States. 

Guess The Favorite Sport Of Bees?-12 Hilarious Bee Puns That Will Make Your Day

6.The Bees Went On Strike

Because they wanted more honey and less working flowers! 
Oh man, if bees ever went on a strike, we would face Interstellar-like crop blight, and our human race would collapse in a few decades! Just to understand how hard these little stingers work, a bee group visits 2 million flowers by flying over 55,000 miles to produce a pound of honey! That's some marvelous work, and perhaps no living being on the planet works as hard as bees for food. Guess who has been stealing their food stash for thousands of years?! 

The Bees Went On Strike-12 Hilarious Bee Puns That Will Make Your Day

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