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15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious

Friday, Mar 26, 2021, 6:39 am

Unless your name sounds something like Mike Litoris or Christie C*ckburn, we don't think you hate your moniker! A lot of us love our names, and if someone tries to twist it, we may well punch them in their face! Hey, we aren't as famous as a celebrity, so no one's going to f*ck with our name; be assured. Celebrities, on the other hand, are always in the public eye. Millions around the world talk about them, and there's always that one random guy or girl who comes up with insane and absurd ideas to make fun of them - like these celebrity name puns!
4.Pamela Anderson

This is yet another hilarious celebrity name pun. Pamela Anderson; Pamela and Her Son! Pun is so strong with this one here! Pamela Anderson – Pamela Withoutherson; this image is funny! We hope you liked it too.

Pamela Anderson-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious



What will Beyonce become if you put two pictures of her side by side? She becomes Beytwice! Well, that’s what this image is telling us. This perfectly thought out pun may irk fans, but will appeal pun lovers!

Beyonce-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


6.William Dafoe

“Shadow of the Vampire” star William Dafoe became William Dafriend in this celebrity pun image. Incase if you didn’t get yet, William Dafoe’s last name sounds like ‘Willia Da Foe’, which got punned by unknown people as ‘William Da Friend’!

William Dafoe-15 Celebrity Name Puns That Are Hilarious


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