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24 Hilarious Chatroulette Chats That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 8:50 am

Chatroulette is a popular text and video chat website that has a strong user base in many parts of the world. The website allows people to chat with complete strangers without needing to send any friend request. It is indeed a good place to spend free time and make new friends. The website, however, is notorious for being a hub for trolls and creepers. Sometimes, Chatroulette chats can be very scary and disturbing. Sometimes, they make you laugh out loud. Check these 24 hilarious Chatroulette chats that perfectly show the weirder and darker side of the online chatting platforms!
1.World leaders unite

Well it is nice to see that even important people in the world view Chatroulette as being the place where they can chat about various things that are wrong in the world. How cool would it be if this was actually true?

2.Grandad is ready

OK so seeing this old guy is going to be scary enough, but then to be asked if you like older men, well that is going to be enough to send most people over the edge. Yes it is just trolling and not real, but at least the reaction is funny.

3.Keeping them going

It shows how stupid some people can be that they think that by putting shoes on their head that this girl is going to show them her body. How easy is it to catch people out like this on that website?

4.Masked up for it

Well this couple is all masked up for this and you just know that they were not expecting the other person to turn around and ask them to donkey punch one another. It just shows how you really do have no idea as to what to expect when you go on this website.

5.The KFC kid

This kid seems to pop up every now and then and this time it is all about the KFC. Ho is actually behind this kid and doing all of the trolling?

6.Very accurate

You do not even have to know too much about the website to know that this is indeed true because guys will have a tendency to have their cameras focused lower down due to obvious reasons. However, do people actually like that?

7.Scaring people

Yeah if you want to get a reaction, then do something like this where you will absolutely scare the life out of people. However, do be careful that they can handle it or you may have an issue on your hands.


8.Get off dad!!

Imagine the shock of logging onto Chatroulette and finding out that your dad is on there. It could only have got worse if he was doing something that you would not want him to see..or you doing it for that matter.

9.A little bit cheeky

This guy is known for being a bit cheeky when he connects to people on there and you can understand why this guy decided to log off after being compared to Chewbacca. The fact that the guy had a point is neither here nor there.


10.It all worked out

When you read the chat here you just know that the guy was basically doing cartwheels around his room due to what they are doing. He never expected it to go as well as it did.

11.Pedobear strikes again

What this lets you see is that pedobear is very active on Chatroulette and that is actually quite worrying. OK so it is just somebody having a joke, but would you want to be that bear?


12.Gay fish??

There are times when the chat on Chatroulette makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and this is one of those times. The stranger is going to be completely confused beyond all belief and can you blame him?

13.Very observant

This guy is very observant and it is just a shame that we do not find out what their reaction was to his question. Surely you are all now sitting wondering the exact same thing as he did?

14.It's not what you think

What this girl has just managed to learn is that not everything is quite as it seems at first because she had her mind on something completely different. Was she then relieved when it was a double bass?

15.Chicken chat

At what point do you suddenly hit on the idea of putting a chicken on Chatroulette? There really is something very, very strange about all of this, but then you have to do the noises as well and that is where life can become very difficult.

16.You are only 8!!

Please say that this is all about trolling because surely there is no way that an 8 year old would be acting like this? Surely the world has not stooped this low?

17.That is awkward

If you are going on Chatroulette, then do yourself a favor and try to avoid putting your foot in it like this guy did. How can you ever recover from this without clicking off?

18.That is just creepy

You just know that this is absolutely creepy and it is understandable why the two girls are sitting completely stunned at how forward this old guy is being. You just know that they were not expecting it, but then neither were we.

19.Far too scary

Yeah even though this is all just a prank you can understand why the guy is looking absolutely stunned on the other end. Imagine what would go through your mind if this screen popped up?

20.Doggy chat

Ah it is nice to see that even dogs are getting involved in Chatroulette and it is interesting to see them having a conversation. The fact that it appears to be with Elvis just makes things so much better.

21.Keep your eye on it

You may as well admit it that if you had a false eye, then you would be doing the exact same thing yourself. The look on his face when she takes the eye out is just absolutely brilliant.


Well this joke could go horribly wrong depending on who pops up in the other screen and it would certainly freak some people out to suddenly be faced with pedobear staring back at them. Does he make you feel safe at going on there now?

23.Proud of his body

The one thing that you learn here is that this guy is proud of his body and indeed he seems to love to flaunt it. At least he has got a laugh from them.

24.Ideas collide

Well this was rather unfortunate and you can understand why the guy ended up disconnecting pretty quickly after it. The look of shock on his face is going to be absolutely genuine as well.


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