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12 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Memes That Will Make You Cry

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 12:27 pm

Gordon Ramsay needs no special introduction, as he is one of the most famous chefs in the world. His famous TV shows like "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef" have made him an iconic TV personality in the last ten years. He has a rather odd on-screen character that made many of his cooking shows an instant hit in the United States and the United Kingdom. Gordon Ramsay is a terrific source for the internet community to create funny memes on him, and here are 12 funny Gordon Ramsay memes for your viewing pleasure! 
1.The Uncooked Chicken

One of the things that trigger Gordon Ramsay is food being undercooked. No matter how well chefs cook chicken or other meat, Ramsay calls it undercooked and insults them with hilarious rants. "The chicken you cooked is so raw - PETA is trying to save it." Well, that's the worst remark a budding chef can ever hear! Oh man, isn't that taunt demoralizing?! Gordon Ramsay called some of "Hell's Kitchen's" participants French pigs, so this jibe isn't really the rudest at all!

The Uncooked Chicken-12 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Memes That Will Make You Cry

2.You Used So Much Of Oil

Gordon Ramsay hates oil! He finds oil on his plate disgusting, and whenever he finds excessive oil in food, he slams chefs with rude remarks. "You used so much oil - the USA want to invade the f*cking plate." We aren't sure if Gordon Ramsay ever said this on his TV shows, but this statement is hilarious! Remember, all of these are internet memes, so the chances are high that people might have made up some of the insults you see on the topic. 

You Used So Much Of Oil-12 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Memes That Will Make You Cry

3.This Iconic Moment!

Sometime in 2015, Gordon Ramsay called a woman an idiot sandwich in one of the episodes of "Hell's Kitchen," and the insult went viral in the subsequent days, resulting in hilarious tweets, pictures, and memes. As seen in this meme, Ramsay put two slices of bread on the woman's ears and screamed, "Who are you?" The girl then replied, "An idiot sandwich." Hilarious, isn't it? This guy sounds extremely rude, but people like him for his funny and instantaneous insults!

This Iconic Moment!-12 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Memes That Will Make You Cry

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