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12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:15 am

Millions of kids around the world write letters to Santa asking for toys, dolls, Xboxes, and what not! While most children write the letters in a very polite tone, some tiny tots take the funny, rude, or embarrassing route to write to Santa. Gone are the days where you have to be very polite to Santa Claus and even your family to get best Christmas presents. The kids of this generation are growing up very faster. They are very demanding. Read these 12 funny letters to Santa. You will understand how dull and boring your childhood was! 

#12 Straight To The Point Santa Letter

Some kids write longwinded letters to Santa just to be polite. Most of them don't care how Santa or his reindeer are doing. This kid cuts to the chase and just lists what he wants for Christmas and nothing else. They didn't even sign their name. Thank goodness Santa is really his parents or he'd end up with nothing on December 25.

Straight To The Point Santa Letter-12 Hilarious Letters Ever Written To Santa Claus



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