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15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 5:51 am

The rich drinks it. The poor drinks it. Ah, talk about social equality! A pint of beer is what people need to celebrate, and a shot of vodka is what they turn to when they are sad. Alcohol is soothing. It is happiness. You would never want the bliss to end, but wait - there's hangover. It's horrible than the flu, "wine flu" you may want to call it! Do you know what's worse than a hangover? Checking your phone's inbox and finding funny, inappropriate, and totally stupid texts you sent to your friends, family members, or even exes! Read 15 such hilarious "the morning after" texts.
1.He Was So Drunk He Even Forgot Where He Was

This can happen! The dude here must have drunk an ocean of alcohol as he even forgot where he was! Apparently, he asked his friend to drive him home, when the party was actually at his home. Isn't this really funny? Yes, things like these happen when you are really, really, Drunk!

He Was So Drunk He Even Forgot Where He Was-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

2.Dad, Are You a Virgin?

Oh boy, what kind of a question was that? Yes, talking nonsense is one of those things drunk people commonly do. What's worse than asking your dad if he was a virgin? We are super interested to know what the reaction of the dad was when his daughter asked him such a silly question!

Dad, Are You a Virgin?-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

3.You Are Not a Wizard, Drunk Man!

This is hilarious! As we said, drunk people do lots of funny things when they are drunk. Talking to strangers or poking fun at them is one more thing drunk people commonly do at places like bars, night clubs or pubs. Watch this funny guy who became a Harry Potter just to mess with a random redhead.

You Are Not a Wizard, Drunk Man!-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

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