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15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 5:51 am

The rich drinks it. The poor drinks it. Ah, talk about social equality! A pint of beer is what people need to celebrate, and a shot of vodka is what they turn to when they are sad. Alcohol is soothing. It is happiness. You would never want the bliss to end, but wait - there's hangover. It's horrible than the flu, "wine flu" you may want to call it! Do you know what's worse than a hangover? Checking your phone's inbox and finding funny, inappropriate, and totally stupid texts you sent to your friends, family members, or even exes! Read 15 such hilarious "the morning after" texts.
4.We Hope the Midget Wasn't Hurt

What's worse than poking fun at a midget? This is not just 'daily stupidity' you see, this is some advanced stupidity! Hell yes, if you are drunk you would be doing crazy things like these. One more peg, we bet, this guy would have lifted the midget up in the air! 

We Hope the Midget Wasn't Hurt-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

5.Never Ever Mess With Cops When You Are Drunk

If your drinking habits making you do stupid things, try to reduce the intake of alcohol
If you can't do that, at least make sure you don't mess with people around.
If you can't even stop yourself from messing with people, at least make sure you are polite to cops and never ever try to mess with them.
Apparently, that random dude wanted to update his Facebook status from cop's in-car computer!

Never Ever Mess With Cops When You Are Drunk-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

6.Hagrid, You are Real!

When you start drinking, you enjoy those first few pegs! However, if you drink more, alcohol starts enjoying you. When you are drunk, you are sure to do some random, funny and even nasty stuff that you genuinely regret the morning after. Here's some dude who was lucky to escape as 'Hagrid' took things really easy.

Hagrid, You are Real!-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

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