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12 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Make Your Day

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 12:34 pm

Pregnancy is surely an unforgettable phase in every girl's life. Even though pregnancy involves a lot of pain and hardships, most women remember it as a beautiful experience. If you have ever seen a pregnant woman carefully, perhaps, you are aware of all those problems women face from the day they conceive to the moment they deliver a baby. In fact, the pregnancy complications such as weight gain, hormonal imbalance, nausea, back pain, and heartburn don't magically go away after the childbirth. They continue to bother new moms for several months. These 12 pregnancy memes sum up those pregnancy struggles in a hilarious way. Check them now!
1.Get Pregnant They Said

That picture accurately depicts those dull moments pregnant women often go through. Expectant moms easily get bored. They feel lazy, and above all, they stick to their couch or bed and hang in there for hours just like this fat sphynx cat. A lot of women feel lethargic during pregnancy, and it isn't particularly a bad thing at all. Health care experts suggest that women need to be as active as they can for a normal pregnancy, easier labor, and healthy baby. Remember, too much rest increases the risk of gestational diabetes.

Get Pregnant They Said-12 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Make Your Day

2.No, I Don't Want To Go Shoe Shopping!

That isn't a beautiful sight for a girl, especially for someone who loves her feet a lot. What you see in the picture is called edema, a common pregnancy complication that is characterized by swollen hands, ankles, and feet. Edema is commonly observed in pregnant women during the third trimester. The fluid buildup in the body parts is the result of pressure applied by uterus on nerves that carry blood to the legs. The condition is not particularly dangerous unless it is accompanied by other problems such as a headache and blurry vision.

No, I Don't Want To Go Shoe Shopping!-12 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Make Your Day

3.When People Ask If You Are Pregnant At 7 Months!

There are a set of questions that you should never ask a pregnant woman. "Are you pregnant?" is one of them. If a girl is pregnant, and if she thinks you should know the news, she is not going to hide that from you. She will tell you beforehand. If a girl is visibly pregnant, asking her if she is pregnant doesn't make any sense. Instead of questioning her if she is pregnant, just act like you understand that she is carrying a baby, and ask her if her health is good. Importantly, NEVER confuse a fat girl's belly with pregnancy.

When People Ask If You Are Pregnant At 7 Months!-12 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Make Your Day

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