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Hilarious Reasons To Resign

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 12:32 pm

1.Made Too Much Money

This is the oddest reason to quit a job. The worker made too much money. If that is even possible, good for them, but who turns down more money? Maybe someone who felt they didn't deserve it, or someone who was too rich, living off Daddy or their husband ... or wife.

2.Hates The Office Carpet

A silly reason to quit a job is because the employee didn't like the carpet in the office. Hey, sometimes environment is more important than a pay check. If you just can't stand your surroundings how can you possibly do a good job? A strange reason to quit but one that seemed important to the one who did.

3.Needed To Feed Dog

One of the strangest reasons to quit a job was that the employee needed to feed their dog. Whether or not they could find a pet sitter, or could leave a bowl of food for the dog, is unknown, but unless they had to hand feed the mutt three times a day, that is no reason to quit a job.


Boredom at work is one of the top reasons employees quit their jobs. They just can't stand to be there and the idea of watching the clock all day is mind numbing. Even though they may stick it out and try to occupy themselves, eventually they snap and quit. It seems some of them have other hidden talents.

5.Worked To The Bone

Employees have quit their job claiming they are working themselves to the bone. It might be true, but they say hard work gets you ahead. Maybe for these workers, getting ahead was not as important as living their lives. After all, who wants to be a skeleton at the end of the work day?

6.Entering a Beauty Contest

For some people it's all about making their dreams come true, money or no money. One woman quit her job to enter a beauty pageant, probably hoping she would win a lot of money and never have to work again. Who knows if she came crawling back to her old job, or had to look for a new one.

7.Climbing Mount Everest

One guy quit his job to climb Mount Everest. Could he just have taken vacation time? Well, it seems a lot of prep goes into climbing the toughest mountain in the world. Maybe he had to give it his all, but to quit a job for a one time high, and we mean that literally, may be a little impulsive.


8.Don't Know What I'm Doing

Some people, in an effort to get hired, may fudge a little on their resumes and in the hiring interview. Then they get on the job and realize that they have no idea what they are doing. To admit it as a reason for quitting is quite honest, but sometimes it can make an employee sounds a little nuts.

9.Can't Get Up That Early

As they say, getting there is half the battle. For some people, mornings are trouble. They just can't seem to get up and get to work on time. In fact, the whole idea of getting up early is enough to make them quit. However, it seems these same people don't do well at a night job either.


10.Dress Code

For some workers the dress code can be a deal breaker. More and more employees prefer to dress casual to work, opting not to wear suits and dresses, but preferring to wear jeans and a t-shirt. One employee quit her job because she wasn't allowed to wear her Goth clothing.

11.Becoming An Apple Farmer

Becoming an Apple Farmer is as good a reason as any to quit a job. If that is your true life's ambition, why not? The only problem is that building a business as an apple farmer can be very competitive, and as with any other start up, might not make money right away. This employee might have been better off farming apples on the side.


12.Participating In a Reality Show

Some people resign for the strangest reasons. One employee resigned because they were cast in a reality show. While this may sound exciting and a good reason to quit a mundane job, most reality stars only have their 15 minutes of fame, then they are out of money and out of a job.


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