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15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

Wednesday, Jul 15, 2020, 10:33 am

If we were to pen down the names of some coolest crimes, graffiti would always have a place on the list. Call it art or vandalism, graffiti is something that's hard to overlook. We all appreciate the street artists' incredible talent and admire their work until one starts smearing color on our property! Well, everything in the world is a canvas to paint on if you see it from an artist's eye - even a public restroom wall. You may have already seen toilet graffiti, but let us show you these 15 hilarious bathroom graffiti pictures that we believe are the best!
13.True Words of Wisdom Spoken There

There are two kinds of graffiti artists! One draws awesome graffiti like what we are seeing now, and the other just draws c*cks! This unknown person has written a message to all the bros in the world to quit drawing c*cks, and draw something more interesting!

True Words of Wisdom Spoken There-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

14.That's Some Nasty F*cked up Sh*t

Seriously, this dude got one f*cked up brain. This is the last thing anyone would want to read on a bathroom stall. Look at that creepy looking creature! It's unbelievable how people get ideas like this! This is what we call negative creativity.

That's Some Nasty F*cked up Sh*t-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

15.Creepy, Just Creepy

Things like this will make people sh*t bricks! This is more than just graffiti. People who are this creative, and capable of doing things, should invest their mind and skills that will help the world in one way or other. It is way better than making creepy dolls out of toilet paper!

Creepy, Just Creepy-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

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