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12 Hilarious Vape Memes That Will Make Lol

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 1:23 pm

If we were to list down the types of people that are hated the most, vapers would share space with the likes of feminists, vegans, etc. Vapers are just a bunch of individuals who embraced e-cigarettes over traditional smoking, and the sad thing from their perspective is that they are ridiculed even by regular smokers! Let's not talk more about why people hate vapers, and quickly check these 12 vape memes that are sure to crack you up! Remember folks, vaping is not completely safe as advertised by manufacturers, and it may still cause cancer. 
1.That Moment When You Take A Dry Hit

Hearing the term, dry hit, itself scares the life out of vapers, let alone taking one! If you don't know what kind of bad taste a dry hit leaves in the mouth, let us help you understand it better. Have you ever smelt the smoke from a tire fire? Now imagine sucking some of it into your mouth, using a straw or something! What do you think it tastes like? It would taste awful, right? A dry hit refers to drawing such horrible charred flavor from an e-cigarette when it runs out of e-juice (nicotine fluid). 

That Moment When You Take A Dry Hit-12 Hilarious Vape Memes That Will Make Lol

2.When People Tell You How Bad Vaping Is

Is vaping bad? Not really, it is a lot safer when you compare it with traditional smoking. As you know, smoking requires dried tobacco flakes inside a cigarette to be burned to produce breathable nicotine. The combustion of tobacco emits dangerous and carcinogenic chemical compounds including tar. When it comes to vaping, a person only draws nicotine and harmless water vapor from their vaping device, minimizing the risk of cancer largely. Now, this doesn't mean vaping is completely safe, and one should start doing because it is a safer way to get high. It is only a safe alternative for smoking addicts. 

When People Tell You How Bad Vaping Is-12 Hilarious Vape Memes That Will Make Lol

3.Out Of E-Juice?

If you are here on this page for some fun, here is your dose! What you see here is Bear Grylls's "Better Drink My Own Piss" meme that talks about the funnier side of vaping. The big question here is; is it even possible to vape piss? No, it's not. Vaping urine is just like vaping water. There will be no clouds at all, and you may end up having terrible taste in your mouth. Hey, in case, if you are a vaper, you may be interested to read this nasty story posted by a Redditor claiming that he had vaped his dad's urine

Out Of E-Juice?-12 Hilarious Vape Memes That Will Make Lol

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