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15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 11:03 am

Many things make you cringe hard when you look back into your past, especially the high school days - your clothes, crushes and your obnoxious taste in music! The yearbook, in particular, is something that many of us hate to see. If you are one of those guys and girls who are addicted to taking selfies, compare your cool Instagram photos with your yearbook portrait! If you think the photo looks unattractive, what about your silly yearbook quote? We are sure it makes you cringe even harder. Read 15 such hilarious yearbook quotes now. We really hope you don't end up finding yourself on this list!
1.Dude Found No Better Yearbook Quote Than Mom’s Advice

What are we suppose to write in a yearbook?  Well, that's a big question, and it is as puzzling as an average high school student's future! Should you use a popular quote? Should you invent one for yourself? Should you be ridiculing others, or should you let the world know your monkey business? It seems Jacob ran out of time trying to find answers to all such questions that in the end he just used what his mom told him �" "Don't put anything stupid for your senior quote �" Mom." Oh boy, that's one hilarious senior quote!
Dude Found No Better Yearbook Quote Than Mom’s Advice-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


2.Nobody is Perfect, You Live and You Learn

Here you go, the self-proclaimed most perfect lad on the planet, who says Hanna Montana is wrong. We somehow feel his Hanna Montana obsession showing up even in yearbooks. This guy will soon learn that nobody is perfect when he gets to see the real world ahead, if at all he seriously believes he is perfect.
Nobody is Perfect, You Live and You Learn-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


3.Meet Aaron, the Girlfriend Stealer

This isn’t a quote, this is actually sending a message. As we said earlier, some people use yearbooks as a playground to tell the world what kind of players they are. We are not sure how Aaron feels when he reads this quote a decade later, but for now, this is one hilarious yearbook quote.
Meet Aaron, the Girlfriend Stealer-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


4.Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

Master has given Dobby a sock! Master has given Megan a high school diploma; Megan is freeeee! Megan got this quote completely wrong, though. You aren't free Megan. You spent big bucks and time to earn that diploma, which isn't a sock, but an admission ticket to enter the chaotic adult life, which would more or less remind you the chamber of secrets! The adult life - it's a trap! If there were ever a chance to travel back in time, we are afraid there would be no adults left on the planet. Anyways, nice Harry potter reference, though.
Harry Potter Fans Will Understand-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


5.Big Biceps are Importanter

Big biceps are important because you need them to woo ladies when you are at a college. Hugh Vo got that absolutely right. What is good is he even recognized the importance of education along with big biceps. Good going, Mr. Vo.
Big Biceps are Importanter-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


6.The Whole World Already Likes 72% of Him

Now that is one good yearbook quote that has sarcasm written all over it. We strongly believe this guy deserves a ‘yearbook quote of the year’ award. It just takes a minute to write a silly quote, but it takes some time and skills to come up with something like this, which is unique and hilarious.
The Whole World Already Likes 72% of Him-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


7.Aimed Straight at Guys

This yearbook quote clearly tells us how disappointed she was. This quote is funny, and also shows us her ‘rage’. We really hope to see her wishes come true soon.

Aimed Straight at Guys-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


8.Give My Sweatshirt Back

‘Bri, if you see this, I want my sweat-shirt back.’ Why use Whatsapp or text messaging when you can use your yearbook as a mode of communication. This guy has come up with a nice quote idea, which made all of us laugh. 

Give My Sweatshirt Back-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever

9.Never Let People Miss Your Contact Information

This is a quote come a call to action. What is a better place than in a yearbook to advertize your contact information so your friends and acquaintances never ever miss it. It looks a little awkward to advertise contact info in a quote, but this guy has nailed it.

Never Let People Miss Your Contact Information-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever


10.Here is that Nigerian Prince

This is a hilarious yearbook quote that makes everybody giggle. The man in this picture is referring to himself as a Nigerian king who is the brains behind all spam and junk emails we typically receive. Some people are really cool. They don’t mind cracking jokes about themselves to make people around them laugh.

Here is that Nigerian Prince-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever

11.Because He Hates Plants

This isn’t just a quote, but a strong answer to all those who could have mocked him for being a caring vegetarian. All the vegetarians in this world should thank this guy for giving them a nice quote to defend themselves every time someone calls them a ‘veggie’.

Because He Hates Plants -15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever

12.Now Those are Some Serious Future Plans

We all have that one friend who is more or less  the same as the girl in this image. We are not sure if she is trying to be funny, or if they are her actual future plans. This quote, however, is funny and makes everybody laugh.

Now Those are Some Serious Future Plans -15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever

13.Welcome to Reality

She spent 113,880 hours of her life only to receive a piece of paper and a handshake. She may be right, but the piece of paper she got spending those 113,880 is highly capable of helping her make those little green papers (money) in the future. We guess she will find out herself later.

Welcome to Reality-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever

14.She is the Bomb

No one likes to write stuff like this, even if it is meant for fun. On a lighter note, this yearbook quote is one of the most hilarious quotes we have seen so far. She is the bomb.

She is the Bomb-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever

15.True Words There

Let us present you with our last but another ‘Yearbook Quote of the Year’ finalist who nailed the yearbook thing. While this may look inappropriate to some people on some levels, this yearbook quote can’t stop many people from laughing.
True Words There-15 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Ever



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