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Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 9:13 am

1.A religious fight

This is so cool because the person that was sent the message was quick enough to think up something that could annoy and irritate the pastor, so of course saying you were Satan was the perfect response. It is just a shame that we do not know if the pastor then said something in return.

2.A bad wrong number

This is one of those wrong numbers where you just know that they wish they had sent it to anybody else apart from this person. Imagine discovering that it was a police officer that you had sent this to by mistake and how worried you would then be.

3.Bieber is off

Replying to a wrong number in a lyrical fashion is actually pretty cool and you need to be able to think quick in order to do that. However, you just know that it was the Bieber comment that really got to them.

4.An easy mistake

Well at least this one went down well and the first guy at least appreciates that he sent it to a wrong number. However, he is probably not impressed with the quality of the picture that was then sent back to him.

5.Stringing them along

This is a perfect example of somebody stringing another person along and the fact that they kept it going for an hour shows that they really did reel them in. You just get this image of them going around to this other guys place only for him to have no idea what is going on all thanks to sending a message to a wrong number.

6.A text is bad

Can you actually blame the person that replied here because imagine sending a text to somebody in order to tell them that their father has just died. It really is harsh in the extreme, so well done to the person that replied.

7.Wrong sex as well as number

Yeah if you are going to flirt with somebody, then the two things that are important is that you first of all have the right number and the second thing is that you have the correct sex. Apart from that you are good to go, as long as they are expecting the message.


8.They just do not get it

Sometimes some people just do not get the fact that they have sent a message to a wrong number. This one really does need everything spelt out to them before it makes any sense and even after this you still feel that they will not believe it.

9.This person is in trouble

The worrying part here is that the first person has not even realized that it is a wrong number and the second thing is they do not know what a cat or dog looks like. This is a fail on such a huge level.


10.Too much info

This reply is hilarious and in actual fact it would have been better if they had just left it after their first reply and given the first person time to spread the news about why they split up. That in itself would have been so much fun.

11.Given a grilling

If you get a wrong number it is just human nature to go ahead and have some fun with it. This person really has been creative since they have turned themselves into a grill and you do wonder what the other person thought when they realized they were being taken for a ride.

12.Well he asked for it

Can you actually blame the guy that replied here because the first guy did ask for a picture and that is what he got. He was lucky that it was just a picture of a bare chest in all honesty.


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