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Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 9:13 am

7.Wrong sex as well as number

Yeah if you are going to flirt with somebody, then the two things that are important is that you first of all have the right number and the second thing is that you have the correct sex. Apart from that you are good to go, as long as they are expecting the message.

Wrong sex as well as number-Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

8.They just do not get it

Sometimes some people just do not get the fact that they have sent a message to a wrong number. This one really does need everything spelt out to them before it makes any sense and even after this you still feel that they will not believe it.

They just do not get it-Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

9.This person is in trouble

The worrying part here is that the first person has not even realized that it is a wrong number and the second thing is they do not know what a cat or dog looks like. This is a fail on such a huge level.

This person is in trouble-Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

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