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15 Easy Homemade Magic Tricks You Can Learn Within Minutes

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 5:21 pm

Magic tricks are cool. If there is that one guy or girl in your friends or family members who keep doing silly magic tricks, we bet he or she is already very popular! If you can do magic tricks, people kind of see you as a small time super hero. Doing magic tricks is really an art. It requires months of practice to do magic tricks perfectly. However, there are a few small but effective magic tricks that anyone can do with no real practice. The magic tricks you are about to learn now are just homemade tricks, and you will need some regular household items to perform the tricks. Check and learn these fifteen easy homemade magic tricks, and start surprising your friends and family members!
1.Balloon trick

The idea behind this balloon trick is that you will somehow make it smaller and change color in an instant and surely that is impossible? In actual fact it does require two balloons with you needing both an inner and an outer one to do the trick. The magician inflates both, but then he bursts the outer one at the right time leaving just the inner one left, which is of course a different color and is smaller in size.

2.Cup on a plate

This trick is cool as it makes it appear that you are capable of balancing a glass or cup on the edge of a plate. In actual fact, it is all about how you position your hand as you need to make sure that your thumb is going to be able to balance it in place, but do so out of sight, and the glass or cup will sit there quite comfortably. To the audience they will just see it sitting there on its own and be amazed at it.

3.Coin Balancing

This trick is impressive as you appear to be able to balance coins on top of one another when surely this is not possible? In actual fact you just need a small match where it is glued half and half on the two coins and then stuck together to hold them in place. From the front it then appears as if they are stuck together when it is the match doing all of the work.

Coin Balancing-15 Easy Homemade Magic Tricks You Can Learn Within Minutes

4.Long pencil small box

Imagine being able to pull a long pencil out of a small box and how that would amaze people watching you. The key is to wear sleeves and keep it close to you because the box you use is going to be specially adapted so the back of it can be pushed down allowing the end of the pencil to go up your sleeve. People will see the end of another identical pencil in the box at the start before wondering how you have managed to pull off this trick.

5.Standing egg

Standing an egg upright on a table is impossible, but that is not always the case thanks to magic. What you actually need is some salt and put it on the table, but show the audience you are doing this, and what happens is the salt actually manages to make the egg more stable, so it will stay in this upright position and not simply fall over.

6.Glass on card

This is an impressive trick and it simply involves a cup, or glass, being balanced on a playing card. In actual fact you need half of another card glued on the side that is not shown to the audience that then acts like a foot and makes it more stable. This makes the card stronger and the glass can then sit on it without the card buckling under the added weight.

7.Clairvoyant crayon

This trick is all about accurately guessing the color of a crayon without even seeing it. This sounds like you are a fantastic mind reader and will amaze them with your powers, but in actual fact all you do is make a tiny mark of the color on your hand and look at it while doing your act where you pretend that you are trying to work it all out. Simple, yet effective.


8.Switching bills

This does just need two bills and a pencil and the aim of the trick is to change one bill for another before their very eyes. This trick works thanks to the way in which the bills are laid out and when you roll over them it ends up throwing them back out in the reverse to how they looked beforehand. This is very easy, but at the same time it is also very effective and they will love the end result.

9.Ice cube levitation

Yes with this trick you are going to get an ice cube to apparently levitate thanks to just a simple piece of string pressing against it. This is all to do with salt in a cup of water as this alters the temperature and when the ice cube is put in it then changes the salt and the string sticks to the ice. This involves simple science, but it is an effective trick.


10.Light a used match

To do this all you need is a match, some black ink, and some ash. Dip the unused match in the ink, roll it in the ash, and you will see that it looks like it has already been struck, Now all you have to do is to perform the trick and of course the apparently used match will light without any problems as it is all a trick from the outset.

11.Jumping rubber band

The jumping rubber band trick is another quick and easy way to amaze your audience and all thanks to the careful movement of a single rubber band. The main aim of this trick is to get it to move between fingers on your hand without you apparently doing anything yourself leaving your audience to work out how you managed to do it before their very eyes.

12.Jumping paper clip

This trick just involves money and a couple of paper clips. The idea here is that they are two individual paper clips, but when the magician pulls the note the two clips somehow jump up, interlock, and dangle there together. This is very simple as it is all to do with the placement of the clips, but children will love the effect and that is the most important part.

13.Necklace Trick

This trick involves three beads and two strings and by apparently tying a knot in each end and pulling you somehow manage to make the beads fall off into the hand of somebody watching you. This is all about how they are tied and making sure that you do not block the way in which the beads can slide off, but there is no doubt that this trick will completely confuse the person watching.

14.Rubber pencil

A pencil is a solid item, so how is it possible for you to then turn it into rubber before an audience? It is all about how you move the pencil and the way in which the eyes pick up the movement, so it then ends up with the person believing that it is indeed bending when in actual fact it is doing nothing of the sort.

15.Magnetic pencil

This trick is very easy and it only needs a pencil for you to amaze people by this magnetic pencil. The idea is that you make them think that it is lifting up with your hand, but of course it is doing this thanks to the index finger on your other hand holding it in place out of sight. This trick takes very little practice to get it correct.


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