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15 Easy Homemade Magic Tricks You Can Learn Within Minutes

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 5:21 pm

Magic tricks are cool. If there is that one guy or girl in your friends or family members who keep doing silly magic tricks, we bet he or she is already very popular! If you can do magic tricks, people kind of see you as a small time super hero. Doing magic tricks is really an art. It requires months of practice to do magic tricks perfectly. However, there are a few small but effective magic tricks that anyone can do with no real practice. The magic tricks you are about to learn now are just homemade tricks, and you will need some regular household items to perform the tricks. Check and learn these fifteen easy homemade magic tricks, and start surprising your friends and family members!

#13 Coin Balancing

This trick is impressive as you appear to be able to balance coins on top of one another when surely this is not possible? In actual fact you just need a small match where it is glued half and half on the two coins and then stuck together to hold them in place. From the front it then appears as if they are stuck together when it is the match doing all of the work.

Coin Balancing-15 Easy Homemade Magic Tricks You Can Learn Within Minutes



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