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12 Best "If You Know What I Mean" Memes Ever

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 9:39 am

"If you know what I mean" is one of the funniest memes ever made. They were all over the internet a couple of years ago. The meme signifies sexual humor. People use this meme on viral websites to point out a double entendre, mostly in the form of a sexual innuendo. The meme uses a facial expression of Mr. Bean character, portrayed by Rowan Atkinson. Read the 12 best "If you know what I mean" memes that are sure to crack you up. Lots of jokes about boobs, so we guess you need to keep your tissue ready - if you know what we mean!
1.One for the geeks

This is certainly one for the geeks thanks to the reference to a Trojan, but then they need to know the alternative meaning of it for it to all make sense. So many geek references and so little time.

2.Be thankful for sunglasses

What this means is that we should be really grateful for sunglasses as they do make the lives of guys so much easier. You didn't think they were just for shielding our eyes from the sun did you?

3.A Different "Toy" Story

I Have Another Snake - But She's Not in My Boots! You know what snake is Woody talking about, dontcha? Well, this is like the late night version of Toy Story and the one that is never intended for the eyes of children. This meme also gives an entirely different perception of the name Woody as well! It's hilarious, but remember, memes like these are created by people and Disney has nothing to do with them! Woody has not blurted out any age-inappropriate or awkward jokes in the movie. Nonetheless, the joke is too funny to not to laugh!

4.Not literally though

Yep this is not meant literally, but can you imagine how long the person spent trying to find the photograph on the top just to put that sentence on it? They actually did quite well and it was all worth it in the end just to complete the meme.

5.A powerful arm

OK so it is only angles, but it does appear to be the case that this guy has one arm stronger than the other and that is quite scary. It does put a different angle on him working out though.

6.Disney said that?

You have to wonder what is going on with Disney when they are coming up with lines like that in their cartoons. OK so kids will have no idea about the innuendo, but adults do and that is more than enough to keep their interest up.

7.Does he mean freshly baked bread?

Surely he means freshly baked bread here? Can your mind even start to think about anything else that could apply to this particular phrase? Nope neither can we.


8.Well that is just rude

You see how the human mind has evolved in the last couple of decades? This used to be entirely innocent, but now we look at things in a completely different way, if you know what I mean.

9.We are both sensitive?

Surely this just means that we are both sensitive souls that need to be comforted at the crucial moments in movies. We both build up to the end knowing it will be a difficult moment to control.


10.What an iceberg

If an iceberg is indeed shaped like this, then it makes sense as to why men would only see the tip of it. It would certainly have made Titanic a better movie for guys.

11.Oh my

Well what can you say about this without incriminating yourself in the process? Read into it what you will and perhaps spend some time looking it up online since you spend all day on there anyway.


12.Very accurate

Guys around the world will probably now go and use this line with their girlfriends, but do watch out for when you use it or it may backfire. Put it this way, if she is slightly grumpy you are going to be signing your own death warrant.


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