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If Superheroes Had Part Time Jobs

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 9:58 am


Well if you have a superpower that involves heat and flames, then surely roasting chickens really is the perfect calling for you in life? You can let people know when they are ready by shouting out, but sadly you will stink of chicken all day.

2.Already rich

Well Batman certainly has everything because he is both a superhero and he is already rich, so he is the only one that does not require a part time job. Instead, he can sit there near the bat cave and just count his interest.

3.It's not just apples

If you have this talent would you not then be useful for more than just picking apples off a tree? Just imagine being a handyman and painting the upper part of walls? How about cleaning those hard to reach places? So many things and only two hands.

4.Flash pizza delivery

If you have ordered pizza then you clearly want it delivered as quickly as possible to make sure that it is still warm. What better way to have it kept warm than by using this guy to get it there in next to no time. The only problem is he might go a bit too fast, so the air itself will cool them down plus it will be thrown all over the place.

5.Captain waiter

Well this just seems a bit mundane for Captain America because is he really suited to being a waiter? It is almost as if he has realized he is not that skilled at much, so has resorted to delivering wine to people just to feel useful.


Due to the fact that Wolverine has those blades pre-installed on his hands it does make a lot of sense to use him as a butcher because boy can he carve up that meat in next to no time. He would also be a crowd puller behind the counter performing his tricks resulting in the perfect chop.

7.Hammer of Thor

With all of that power and his big hammer it has to be put to good use or what is the point in him having a part time job? The only problem he will have is being unable to judge his own strength, so expect your metal to be bent out of shape.


8.Ironing man

Come on how obvious is this one? It just makes perfect sense for Iron Man to have his own ironing business as the two go together so, so well. How good he will be at it is up for debate, but would you trust him with your shirt?

9.Road digger

Come on could you think of anything better than this as a part time job? Imagine how quickly the repairs would be done thanks to never having to use those pneumatic drills to break up the road in the first place?


10.Supersonic post

Gone are the days of watching the postman taking his time to get to you because with Superman doing the delivery you know it will all be done in next to no time. The only problem is that he appears to have a tendency to drop them.


Spiderman could clearly make a small fortune restringing racquets for professional tennis players because everybody knows that his webs are very strong since he can swing on them like Tarzan. This means they would never break and they would pay a premium for it.



Well it is pretty obvious as to what Catwoman would be good for when it comes to a part time job and this is it. Surely it makes sense for her to use her cat like tendencies and put them to good use with catching mice?


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