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12 Funny "Kid Who Needs To Fart" Memes

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 2:00 pm

As a meme buff, you may have seen the "kid who needs to fart" or "must not fart" memes numerous times. The meme shows a boy with puffy veins on his face, giving us an impression that he is trying very hard to hold in a fart. The name of the kid in the meme is Michael McGee, and this particular picture was taken by one his friends who wanted to post that on Twitter as a joke. Nearly two months after posting it on Twitter, the picture went viral! People then began using it to make hilarious memes. Here are 12 "Kid Who Needs to Fart" memes that are hilarious.  
1.When She Says "Don't Stop," But You Already Cumming!

That's an accurate depiction of the situation, isn't it? Unless you are a virgin guy, you clearly know the struggle and the awkwardness of the circumstances. Hey, you don't need to leave your girl unsatisfied if you can make her cum beforehand, even before you penetrate! Engage in a lot of foreplay, give her some oral, and prepare her body to reach the point where it's possible for her to cum with just a few minutes of thrusting. Remember, as a guy; you can make your girl cum by stimulating just her clitoris! 

When She Says "Don't Stop," But You Already Cumming! -12 Funny "Kid Who Needs To Fart" Memes

2.Trying To Suppress A Cough

A cough is something we all deal with occasionally, but sometimes, it gets way out of control that we cough round the clock. Dealing with a persistent cough is tough, but clearing people's assumptions about our condition is even tougher! They won't tell you on your face, but deep inside, they are all afraid that they may catch a disease or two from your intense coughing! They may be right because when you cough, you send a boatload of disease-causing germs in the air. Ideally, you should cover your mouth every time you cough, and if the condition is intense, take a short break from work until you feel better again. 

Trying To Suppress A Cough-12 Funny "Kid Who Needs To Fart" Memes

3.Just The Feminist Things!

The feminist meme is a hilarious Photoshop mash-up, and yes, and it's a dig on the wrongly perceived feminist logics and ideologies. Feminism is about working for equal rights and helping women around the world to exercise fundamental human rights, stand on their feet, and work on ways to increase representation in politics and governance. Those male-hating feminists whose agenda is only to bash men or call them rapists and pigs are actually weakening the real feminism. 

Just The Feminist Things!-12 Funny "Kid Who Needs To Fart" Memes

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