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Most Amazing Snow Sculptures

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 10:05 am

1.Some are Just Fun

He might not be the best looking face you have seen, but his teeth, tongue and lips look remarkable. A happy face caught in the snow.


Movement in ice. A shark slithers past a wall of water. That is how it seems yet it is all captured in snow and ice.


This might not be the largest snow sculpture but it certainly is very visually appealing. A collection of fans opened to the winter sun interplay beautifully with a sparkling light blue sky.


When building a snow sculpture a few factors are at play. The actual engineering and structural logistics, the artist element and then of course the object that is being made. Here, the weariness of the men are caught as they walk along, stooped with the weight of their folly.

5.For Kids and Adults Alike

These are those moments when both adult and child can play, keeping the memory for a life time. This shows you the sheer scale of this sculpture and you can imagine how long it took to create it.

6.Night Lights

Nothing could be more magical than lights on snow and ice sculptures. The transparency of the ice ignites the imagination.


A graceful look and elegant hand reaches out as if to help and comfort the climber. She will not be there forever and this creates a beautiful sadness around the snow sculpture.


8.Cinderella's Carriage

Cinderella's carriage awaits her. One waits tentatively to see if she is later than midnight as it might just melt and leave her stranded. This sculpture certainly captivates the heart of a well known fairy tale.

9.The palace

An ice palace so beautiful and ethereal that only ice could capture the heart of what it is about. Surely there in the window is an ice Princess?



One of the worlds largest snow sculptures. How sad it is to think after the sun comes out this sculpture will no longer exist? It will remain alive in both photographs and peoples imaginations forever.


This building is so realistic and so detailed it makes you wonder if it is in fact a snow sculpture. The beauty of it also lies in the fact that it is so white and pristine.



Beautiful wild horses caught as if in motion, their mouths open and their eyes wild. The small people in this photograph show just how glorious this snow sculpture is.


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