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Most Shocking Things Found In Peoples Stomachs

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 12:58 pm

1.Felt Tip Pen

This felt tip pen was found in the stomach of a 76 year old British female. She was being investigated for stomach upset and the pen showed up on an x-ray. The woman reported that one day about 25 years ago she did swallow a pen by accident while inspecting her tonsils. The pen still writes after 25 years.

2.Baby Brother

Sanju Bhagat was plagued his entire life by a bulging and bloated stomach. After many years of suffering doctors decided to check Bhagat for a stomach tumour. When doctors finally opened him they described to them what seemed like a 'strange alien type creature'. A foetus has been left behind in the stomach of Bhagat and was in fact his twin brother. The twin had been there 36 years and had parasitically fed on Bhagat all that time.

3.Schizophrenic Eats Coins

Doctors were surprised when they opened up the stomach of Kuleshwar Singh. There were over 13 pounds of coins, other items such as car keys, door keys, bicycle parts and other oddities. It appeared that Singh suffers from schizophrenia and as a result of 'pica' will eat strange objects. Pica is where patients feel only feel relaxed once the strange object has been eaten.

4.Expanding Balz Toy

A baby girl landed up in a Texas Hospital after eating a Water Balz Toy. The toy starts out very small then expands to over double its size once submerged in water. The baby girl who is 8 months old had emergency surgery to remove the toy.

5.Calcified Baby

A calcified 40 year old fetus was found in the stomach of an 82 year old woman. The women was unaware of the fetus and it was found while she was in hospital for some other unrelated problem.

6.A Safety Pin in Prisoners Stomach

Another Central Raleigh prisoner eats a safety pin, as pictured here. You can imagine the damage that this could have potentially caused, but then they do not think about that when swallowing it.

7.Anything For a Break

One the places where you will see the most shocking and strange objects found in peoples stomachs has to be Central Prison Raleigh, NC. The prisoners take it upon themselves to eat various strange objects in order to get a break from prison life.


8.Not So Clever Thief

The man pictured lower right, stole rings then swallowed them in a bid to hide the evidence. He was finally caught after police took him into custody and had him x-rayed.

9.Airplane Snack

This photograph shows Michel Lotito eating an aeroplane. It took him over two years to eat the entire plane. As a child Lotito started eating odd things like cement, wood, glass and other strange things. As an adult he turned his unusual habit into a show. It has been found that he possesses a much thicker stomach lining than most and has very strong digestive juices. He can even eat toxic substances and suffer no ill effects.


10.A Massive Hairball

A massive hairball was found in the stomach of a young girl aged 18. The girl who could not stop eating her own hair had to have the offending mass removed surgically. After intensive therapy with a psychiatrist she has managed to stop eating her own hair.


Most people would certainly not expect cobblestones to be found in the stomach of a human. A 26 year old Chinese girl ate over 20 cobblestones in a fit of anger. The girl said she did it shortly after an argument with her boyfriend. Now the cobblestones have to be removed surgically.


12.Chinese Man Eats Live Frogs

Look inside of Yang Dingcia's stomach at any one time and you will see live frogs there as well as live rats. Dingcia explains that after suffering terrible stomach aches as a young man he was advised to eat the live medicine. At the age of 66 he can say that he never did have a stomach ache ever again and continues to eat them.


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