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15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 4:26 pm

Sometimes, parties go out of control. The last house party I was in, I saw a drunk dude put a firecracker in his butt crack and ask his friend to light it up. Unsurprisingly, the other inebriated guy obliged the request! BAMM! The explosion caused a nearby standing man to twitch and drop his wineglass. Not knowing what was happening around, a stoned guy ran out of the room stepping on the sharp pieces of glass, thinking an officer might have raided the house. We had to rush at least two guys to the nearby hospital, and well, I have never been to a house party ever again! Read 15 such funny, bizarre, and crazy drunk stories, as shared by people.
1.This Disgusting Poopy Mess at a House Party

20 years old, let friends stay at house after a party, continue drinking into the night.. go to bed. Wake up next day, go into living room where I had three friends sleeping. Poop everywhere...
flip my shit.
Friend crawling on floor grabs my leg "who shit on me?"
He's covered in shit. In shit-stained underwear. His pants across the room on the floor, poop larger than I've ever seen in them, and a smear trail leading away.
He denies it even today.
He was a big guy, and the amount of poop was devastating. I had to replace furniture.
- Noterayinge34

This Disgusting Poopy Mess at a House Party-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

2.Exactly the Kind of Things You Do When You are Drunk

This happened while my friend was incredibly drunk. As we left the ballroom at a formal dance we were in, we went into an elevator with two cops in it. My friend proceeds to wave to them, turns around (now facing the elevator door) and proceeds to unzip his pants and pee on the elevator door. He was arrested and spent 17 hours in jail where he claimed to have met a pimp named "Vanillie V." He still has the pimp's number.
- Gregarious7

Exactly the Kind of Things You Do When You are Drunk-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

3.Too Much Food and Drink Don't Go Well Together

After a lovely Italian banquet, dressed semi-formally, my best friend, her brother and his girlfriend and I decide to continue drinking at our local watering hole. My friend ate tripe and God only knows what else and upon arrival at the bar, announces that she needs to GO. Except it's like a fucking high school reunion in there and she refuses to poop in a small two stall extremely crowded bathroom. So we head back outside, and she finds an alley and proceeds to liquid shit a mere 20 feet from the bar with me on watch out. Alls better and she's finishing up when a gust of hot wind comes from behind her and takes the stank of poo directly into my face. I immediately vomited. We both don't like to talk about it.
- rock_island

Too Much Food and Drink Don't Go Well Together -15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

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