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People Caught Having Fun At The Museum

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:35 am

1.Line Dance

The statue really does look to be doing a line dance. What a great interpretation by the two girls who assume the same position. It makes for an excellent picture to remember their trip to this museum. Forget the old standby photos where people just pose next to a statue like they are going to the prom.

2.Men Can Be Demure Too

Did someone tell this guy that he looked like this painting, or did he figure it out by himself? Either way, he really does resemble the woman a lot, from her bone structure to her nose, her mouth shape and even her eyelids. Could she be his ancestor from long ago?

3.Check Her Out

It looks like the statue and the guy both see a woman they like. Their jaws hanging open and their eyes bulging out says it all. A great shot that looks very realistic. This guy is going to have a lot of fun comments after he posts this on his social network.

4.Can't Hear You

Is it loud in there? It seems so. And these two little boys think it's funny to pose with the statues in the same pose. What exactly this exhibit means, we don't know, but it makes for a great photo. How many people do you think do that very same pose for their own pictures?

5.Costume Bats

Why not go to a museum and put yourself on exhibition. Instead of dressing like everyone else and viewing statues and artwork, why not dress like a giant bat with your friend? It could be a lot of fun, and with that wing span, you can pull a lot of people into your game.

6.Uh Oh

This guy is so focused on getting a good shot of the vase, that he doesn't realize that he is too big for that space. His backside is pushed into the podium, knocking over the larger vase. It looks like the person who got the money shot is whoever took this photo just before the vase fell.

7.Be Quiet

Sometime you just can't take instructions from a painting. This one tells you to be quiet, but the guy is just rebellious. He isn't just going to be loud, he's going to scream. But the painting keeps telling him to be quiet. This could be a vicious circle that goes on for a long time.


8.Tushi Shot

This girl seems a little embarrassed by the nudity in her face. No one really knows why these ancient statues are nude to begin with. It's like going to a museum to see statue porn. And the bodies are never all that, especially the man's manhood. Maybe things were smaller in those days.

9.Kick In The Kok

If the sign says it, you should do it. Some words or phrases just don't translate well from one language to another. If you're an English speaker you know very well what the name of this museum means, and so does this couple, who proudly act it out for the camera.


10.Passing Wind

The statue is horrified by the flatulence coming his way. How dare he fart in my direction. This teen, or at least we hope it's a teen, seems to be having a little fun with the statue and got a picture for his social networks. A great way to have some fun on a museum field trip.

11.Clothed And Unclothed

This girl thought it would be fun to mimic the statue. A weird thing to do though, because the statue is nude and she isn't. The clothed girl actually looks better than the statue. Guess it's better to leave some things to the imagination, especially when the real thing is stark white.



Museums don't always have to be serious. Some people make it a really fun trip. This strange guy saw something in himself when he looked at this statue and wanted to show the world that he could make the same face. Hey, maybe the statues was made in his likeness.


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