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12 Nerdy Pickup Lines From Howard Wolowitz Memes

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:17 am

If you are a fan of memes, you may already know this Howard Wolowitz meme that goes by the name "Pickup Line Scientist". The meme uses a photograph of Howard Wolowitz character, portrayed by Simon Helberg, on The Big Bang Theory show. It displays a caption that's a combination of a sexual innuendo and a science related pun. The pickup lines on the memes are so good that you instantly feel like using one on someone! Trust us, people are going to love these sciences jokes, so go ahead and read 12 nerdy pickup lines from Howard Wolowitz memes! 
1.Horizontal is better

Well this is a rather seductive suggestion and the look in his eyes just makes you realize that he is being sincere in what he says. The big question now is whether or not you would indeed want to be involved with him as he does the horizontal stuff.

2.Just being honest

Well at least with this line he is just being honest in what he wants, but whether he gets it is another thing. Surely if you said this with this look on your face that it would only lead to problems?

3.Is that a good thing?

Is this a good thing? Hey what is a kugelblitz? Should we want to become one? There are so many questions here and yet we probably will not even understand the answer.

4.It's a pipette

"Is that a pipette in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?" Well, this is a good Howard Wolowitz pickup line to use on a nerdy and studious science guy. Did you get the joke? The term pipette in the meme is referring to a guy's penis. This is indeed an excellent pick-up line. However, as a girl, you would probably end up disappointed because your geeky crush might be carrying a pipette in his pocket! 

It's a pipette-12 Nerdy Pickup Lines From Howard Wolowitz Memes

5.Get that floppy

Well does this not make the photograph look extremely creepy? You just know that you want nothing to do with either his floppy disk or hard drive because who knows what will then happen.

6.What a question

Well how many people have ever been asked this question? Thankfully the answer to that is probably not that many, so it does save you from being left absolutely confused as to whether you do want smooth or rough.

7.Frequency is important

Well there is no doubt that frequency is indeed important especially if, as he says, the wavelength is not that impressive. The question is whether or not she will allow him to prove it to her that this is indeed what happens.


8.Well he is certainly awkward

Well you have to say that if he is planning on seducing somebody with his awkwardness, then he is going to be pretty good at it. Let's be honest you would feel a bit strange around him all of the time.

9.A bit forward

Well this is surely a bit forward, but then it would just come across as being quite intelligent and you just know he would get away with saying it whereas the rest of the guys in the world would be told to get lost. This is the advantage of the scientific geek.


10.Unzipping is important

You just know that he would love to examine your DNA never mind just unzip it. The thing is would you trust him to do that?

11.A bigger reaction

This just takes the chemical reaction up another level since we are dealing with three different things, but then he is hardly going to worry about complex chemical stuff is he? Just look at his smug grin with him knowing how intelligent and clever he is with these lines.

12.Just some chemistry

Well if you did come out with this pick up line then you would certainly be shocked if you ended up being slapped for your troubles. The only thing that you should be concerned about is whether the person you use it on actually understands chemistry.


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