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12 Nerdy Pickup Lines From Howard Wolowitz Memes

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021, 7:17 am

If you are a fan of memes, you may already know this Howard Wolowitz meme that goes by the name "Pickup Line Scientist". The meme uses a photograph of Howard Wolowitz character, portrayed by Simon Helberg, on The Big Bang Theory show. It displays a caption that's a combination of a sexual innuendo and a science related pun. The pickup lines on the memes are so good that you instantly feel like using one on someone! Trust us, people are going to love these sciences jokes, so go ahead and read 12 nerdy pickup lines from Howard Wolowitz memes! 

#9 It's A Pipette

"Is that a pipette in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?" Well, this is a good Howard Wolowitz pickup line to use on a nerdy and studious science guy. Did you get the joke? The term pipette in the meme is referring to a guy's penis. This is indeed an excellent pick-up line. However, as a girl, you would probably end up disappointed because your geeky crush might be carrying a pipette in his pocket! 

It's A Pipette-12 Nerdy Pickup Lines From Howard Wolowitz Memes



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