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Pictures That Will Make You Say "Oh The Irony"

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 8:57 am

1.Got Ears?

A mouse with long ears is a bunny, isn't it? Or so it appears. Rabbits are not really rodents, which are defined as those animals with continuously-growing front teeth. A funny picture that is pretty ironic, since the person holding the animal, uses his fingers to make a mouse cuter than it really is.

2.You're Going To Need Some Tide

A product that's supposed to get stains out while you're on the go, whose packaging actually causes the stain, might actually be a brilliant idea. Isn't it so ironic that now the owner of the towel has to actually use the product to get the towel clean? Let's hope it works.

3.When Names Are Literal

Sometimes they get it just right, when they name something. This bakery has the perfect name for their muffins, Fruit Explosion. And these muffins literally do explode, with fruit oozing out. If you want an explosion just like it, but in your mouth, go ahead and order to your heart's content.

4.The Fish Who Ate The Cat Who Ate The Fish

Like the story about the "House That Jack Built," here is the fish who swallowed the cat, who swallowed the fish, who swallowed a rat, who swallowed a bug, and so on. It's so ironic to see a cat in the mouth of a fish, when all these years, it's the fish who are terrified of cats.

5.Yes, I've Been Hit, Thanks For The Info

Nothing like having a fender bender to ruin you day, but while you're asking yourself what to do, the answer appears as big as day, right in your face. Ironic that this bus company is advertising the very thing that can help them to be sued for damages in case of an accident.

6.Building Your His Own Trap

Sometimes without realizing it, we do build our own traps, the things that could destroy us, or even kill us. It's recognizing what we are doing before it's too late. that can save the day. For Jesus, he probably had no idea that the cross he built would be the very thing that would cause him to die.

7.No High Speed Chases Anytime Soon

Commit the crime but make sure that no one can come after you. In fact, commit the crime on the very people who can come after you, and render them helpless. How ironic to find a police car with all four tires removed and the car propped up on bricks. They probably will come back for those bricks, though.


8.Adolf Cremation Services

If you're parents were ridiculous enough to name you after one of the most notorious mass murderers in the world, you might not want to advertise that name next to the words "[email protected]" and "cremation." Ironic enough that someone named Adolph would get into the [email protected] business in the first place.

9.Stupid People Calling Stupid People Stupid

John McCain standing next to Sarah Palin talking about Susan Rice not being bright enough to be Secretary of State. If that isn't ironic. I don't know what is. Often the most stupid people don't realize they are stupid, and also don't realize when stupid is standing next to them.


10.Training Your Dog

The irony of this picture is priceless. Seems that some pet owner had an out of control dog and bought this DVD to help train his crazy canine. However, it doesn't seem like the owner got to business quickly enough, because Fido got to the DVD first. Hopefully he absorbed some of the training.

11.Birth Control, You Should Have Used It

She may think it's funny to pose with birth control, but obviously both methods failed her, or she failed to use them. Regardless, we have to feel bad for the baby inside, because this is who it's mother is going to be. Birth control would have been mercy for this child.


12.Preaching Mom/Drunk Teen

Obviously this billboard is not big enough because this joker is drinking and holding a gun. How do you talk to your son about alcohol? Do it before he gets his hands on alcohol ... and a gun. The irony of this picture speaks volumes about our society today, and turning a blind eye to our problems.


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