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Reasons Why You Should Not Play Video Games

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:07 pm


People feel the need to run and hide from the real world, usually unable to deal with it. They do this often with hiding in the virtual game world, thinking they have more control, thus giving them a better self esteem. Soon this escape into this other world is the only place they see themselves being able to operate.

2.Teaches Lack Of Empathy

Video game playing causes people to dissociate from whats going on on the screen, enabling them to be able to blow up buildings and run people over with cars. This is happening while not even realizing how it is deteriorating there empathy for people in the real world. This could be an attributing factor why we see people just step over people laying in the gutter.

3.Causes Depression

When someone engages in countless hours of video game playing, and then suddenly has to come back to the real world, it can be a tough realization, thus making it much easier to develop depression. You spent all your time gaming that now you have no friends and the inability to see yourself existing in this real world cause you to travel down a dark path.

4.Distracting And Mind Numbing

Video games distract from the sun shining outside, our kids taking their first steps, or a girlfriend giving that special come hither look. Why let a contrived,mind controlling game rob you of all the good things that are actually going on around you. Feel your eyes from the video game and realize how much this life has to offer.


The economy is collapsing around us, unemployment is at record highs, and people feel the need to spend their hard earned money on expensive, time wasting, violent video games. Maybe forget about buying the new playstation this new year and think about getting the food on the table for your family.

6.Robs You Of Real Life Experiences

There are so many amazing things to experience in this world before we die. Go ride a bike, hike a mountain, or just walk down the street. Its silly to waste the precious time that we have on this earth contributing nothing and just getting lost in the mind controlling world of video games. Get down with the game of life and its much more interesting.

7.Ruin Relationships

All the time that gets wasted by someone playing video games, could surely be used to spend time with their loved one. Is it any surprise to see people having trouble in their relationships, if they are even lucky enough to have one. We all know someone who got fed up with their gaming obsessed spouse.



Video Games have always had an addictive quality, that is part of their design. But as we have in seen in the past couple decades, video games have become more and more violent, thus getting people addicted to the violence. Combine that with the ability to contribute to the violence to get a higher score, and it becomes easy to see the parallels to our violent society.

9.Robs Your Time

There are only so many hours in a day and when even one of them is wasted on a video game, its a sad day. You could be outside taking in what his great earth has to offer. Adults should know how fast time goes by and not want it to be usurped by violent, mind controlling video games.


10.Unable To Focus

Because video games, like current films, move so fast and have such quick, tight editing, people then develop problems moving at the speed of their normal reality. This then leads to inability to focus for very long on something, which then usually leads to being prescribed a pharmaceutical drug to supposedly "fix" said problem.

11.Desensitized To Violence

Peoples minds are delicate things and what goes in our eyes and ears is what ultimately creates our thoughts and realities. The violence that is put in video games only causes damage to your psyche. Combine the violent programming with the mass quantities of pharmacological drugs pushed on people, and there is bound to be such trouble as school shootings.


12.Trouble Socializing

People that engage in video games often get so immersed in them that little to nothing else becomes interesting. This obviously ends up leading to difficulty socializing or even being around people all together. Despite how much people don't want to believe it, we are together in this world. Getting sucked into the world of video games is sure to do some damage.


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