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Simple But Genius Ideas

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 3:49 pm

1.Walking Desk

They say that sitting is killing us, but some of us have no choice. We have desk jobs, and while we try to get up as often as possible, a tedious project could have us sitting for three or more hours at a time. With this desk, you can walk and work at the same time.

2.Fishing Rod Picture Frame Holder

A unique idea for hanging pictures for any fisherman or outdoorsman. Just hang he rod and then apply wire from each eyehole, hanging pictures in frames. The rod will blow just like you have a fish on the end if you add a picture frame or other fishing tackle to the end.

3.Cupcake Tupperware

How many times have you wanted to transport a cupcake, or cupcakes, and the top gets all squashed? Probably every time. With these cute little containers, you can save the top while taking a cupcake as part of your lunch, on a long trip in the car, or to a party in batches.

4.Floating Cooler

How many times have you been in the pool and hated to get out to grab a brew, a soda, or a water? Well, now you can float any cooler or plastic container by attaching pool noodles to e the sides. It's perfect to float in the pool while you get some sun, with beverages readily available to quench your thirst.

5.Lemon For Water Stains

Water stains can be so hard to get off faucets in your shower and on your sink. Did you know that lemon can remove it better than any household cleaner that you may have in your arsenal? Just cut a lemon in half, and rub the lemon, pulp down, onto the area. The water stains will disappear.

6.Plain Brown Paper Wrapping

You can do this with paper bags or buy plain brown wrapping. It's cheaper than wrapping paper and works for any occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas, Graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more. To personalize it you can put a picture on the front of the recipient, or the recipient and you.

7.Canned Food Holder

How great is this? Instead of taking up closet space, these cans fit into neat little slots in the cabinet door. A great way to store soup, vegetables and fruits that are canned. Make them readily available by sorting them by the same kind for easy use. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas.


8.Adjustable Height Wheelchair

One of the worst things about being confined to a wheelchair is being helpless to do things for yourself. With this cool wheelchair, you can elevate yourself to any height, to get things out of the closet, cook, wash dishes, and even sit at a counter. It's a great way to help those in wheelchairs to gain back some autonomy.

9.Pan And Strainer All In One

Every pan should have this type of lid. It eliminates the need for a separate strainer to strain pasta, or anything else you make. Just boil the pasta and when done, put the lid on, hold firmly, and turn upside, so the water flows through the holes. Voila, strained pasta.


10.Indoor Smores

With this cool little device, you don't have to wait for summer campout to have smores. Just plug it in and turn it on. There are slots for the chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows to keep things neat and organized. Stick a marshmallow on the included metal rods, melt over the heat, and make your smore.

11.Dryer Sheet Removes Buildup From Glass

Something that you might have in your laundry room works amazingly well to remove buildup on glass shower doors. Simple wet it and wipe. The textured cloth grabs onto the buildup while breaking it down and making it easy to remove. As an added benefit, it also leaves a clean scent behind.


12.Baby Bottle Holder

This is a simple yet effective idea for little fingers. It can be hard for a baby to hold their bottle with their tiny hands and fingers, but with this cool rubber contraption, it's easy to wrap even the tiniest fingers through it. Babies can learn to hold their own bottle at a younger age.


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