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12 Best Skeptical Third World Kid Memes Ever

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 9:31 am

Skeptical Third World Kid meme talks about how badly the people in African countries are dwelling in poverty. Only after looking at these skeptical third world kid memes, many people from first world countries have realized what it feels like to live in underdeveloped and hunger-stricken countries. The memes have played their part in highlighting problems underprivileged people face every day. The original photo of the meme was taken in 2012 when an Indian doctor was volunteering in Uganda. Someone made a meme with the photo a few months later, which went viral. Since then, Skeptical Third World kid has remained one of the most popular internet memes. 

#12 On Kids Playing Army

Kids have some sort of fascination toward military. Many first world parents buy their kids military uniforms and toy guns etc so their children can play army. Kids in Africa, however, play army for real! They are taught to fight and use weapons from very young age. They need to protect their tribes or villages. They fight to survive, and an average American or first world kid wouldn't endure the hostile living conditions even for a day. In terrorist-affected African countries like Somalia, religious radicals snatch kids and train them to become terrorists or suicide bombers.

On Kids Playing Army-12 Best Skeptical Third World Kid Memes Ever



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